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F&B Industry News, Product Launches

Article-F&B Industry News, Product Launches

New food and beverage products and news_Tabasco spray dry
<p>Happy Monday. Start your week off in-the-know with some of the latest product and ingredient launches&#0151;such as Butterball&#8217;s new Natural Inspirations line for breakfast, lunch and dinner&#0151;and the latest industry news such as Tabasco&#8217;s new Industrial Ingredients website and DSM&#8217;s demonstration plans for IFT 2015.</p>

Happy Monday. Start your week off in-the-know with some of the latest product and ingredient launches—such as Butterball’s new Natural Inspirations line for breakfast, lunch and dinner—and the latest industry news such as Tabasco’s new Industrial Ingredients website and DSM’s demonstration plans for IFT 2015.

New Products & Ingredients

Butterball launched a new portfolio of products that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner options. The Natural Inspirations line is American Humane Certified, made with no artificial ingredients, minimally processed and are nitrate-, nitrite- and gluten-free.

Expanding the brand’s all-natural offerings, Butterball’s Natural Inspirations line will include:

  • Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage: With 74-percent less fat than cooked pork sausage, this all-natural product is minimally processed, has no artificial ingredients and no added hormones or steroids. Available in links and patties.
  • Frozen Turkey Burgers: Low-calorie, lean white meat turkey burgers are seasoned with sea salt, making them low in sodium.
  • Frozen Meatballs: With 30-percent less fat than the leading turkey meatball, this product has no artificial ingredients, no added hormones or steroids, and is nitrate-, nitrite- and gluten-free. 
  • Packaged Lunchmeat: Available in re-sealable packages, this all-natural product has no artificial ingredients, no added hormones or steroids, and is nitrate-, nitrite- and gluten-free. Available in four flavors: Oven Roasted, Maple, Garlic Peppercorn and Herb Roasted.

Mizkan Americas introduced the new Tres Hermanas brand featuring New Mexican peppers. New Mexican by Nature, Tres Hermanas is a new brand offering spirit brine peppers and Hispanic sauces to meet the growing interest in peppers. Packed full of peppers fresh from the fields of New Mexico, the peppers are picked by the hands of farmers who have tended the land for generations.

  • Spirit Brine Peppers: Perfect for dips, meals, drinks and more, the spirit brine peppers are the only spirit brine pepper product on the market, available in rum-brined jalapenos, vodka-brined jalapenos and tequila-brined jalapenos.
  • Hispanic Sauces: The eight ounce pouches offer easy, approachable meal solutions in six flavors; Fire Roasted Bourbon Red, Fire Roasted Red, Roasted Chipotle Red, Green Verde Hot, Green Verde Medium, and Cilantro Lime Verde. 

MGP’s TruTex® textured wheat protein is ideal for use in vegetarian products, as well as meat, poultry and seafood enhancement applications, and it has excellent properties for producing crispy snack foods and breakfast cereals.

“TruTex possesses a unique fibrous structure that, when hydrated, replicates the look and texture of meat," said David Whitmer, corporate director of quality, R&D and innovation. “It also has a neutral flavor profile with no unpleasant aftertaste, requiring less flavoring in product formulations."

Functionally, it has excellent water- and fat-binding capacity for increased yields and reduced formulation costs, along with textural integrity that holds up exceptionally well during processing. TruTex is available in a variety of sizes and shapes that include shreds, flakes and small particles.  Depending on type, it is offered in up to three different colors: light tan, caramel and dark caramel.

To complement Sethness’ traditional line of brown and yellow-toned caramel colors, Sethness now offers a full line of red-toned (RT) caramel colors that provide unique reddish-brown colors in a variety of food and beverage applications. They are available in liquid and powdered forms, and offer higher hue indexes with more red in the Caramel Color. Sethness RT Caramel Colors are available in every class. RTL4 has been specially formulated as a low 4-MeI Class IV Caramel Color.

Industry News

McIlhenny Co. introduced its new and improved TABASCO® brand Industrial Ingredients website. It shows how McIlhenny Co. is bridging the gap between food science and culinary innovation to meet food processing needs and inspire the next great food concept.

The new website provides an in-depth look at the convenient formats available, as well as detailed product data, examples of test formulas, criteria for co-branding opportunities and more. From condiments, sauces and marinades to baked goods and relishes, TABASCO brand offers a variety of convenient formats to help you capitalize on the bold flavor trend consumers crave.

TABASCO Industrial Ingredients allow you to capture the authentic, unique flavor profile of TABASCO brand Original Red Sauce in liquid, intermediate moisture and dry formats to best meet your manufacturing needs. Each format consists of different particle sizes, heat levels and consistencies to work in a variety of food processing environments. If you are looking for a different flavor profile, consider one of the liquid sauces: Green Jalapeño, Chipotle, Habanero, Buffalo Style and Garlic.

Want to experiment with flavor? The new TABASCO Industrial Ingredients website also features a variety of test formulas—from Ragin’ Cajun Cornbread Batter to Rioja Ranch Dressing—to spark innovation and creativity.

TIC Gums expanded its line of organic-certified texture and stability solutions for food and beverage applications. Its website allows customers to view and download the newly developed quick reference guide that aids in selecting the best organic texture and stability solution for your formulation needs.

As the demand for organic food products continues to grow, TIC Gums provides texture and stability solutions with TICorganic® hydrocolloid systems. Certified under the USDA National Organic Program, TICorganic products cover a wide range of applications including specialty systems for bakery, dairy and beverages.

DSM Nutritional Products will showcase its ingredients in breakfast applications at IFT 2015. Manufacturers can use them to create differentiated products and support the health needs of today’s consumers. Products slated for the exhibit include:

  • Great Start Breakfast Biscuit positioned for sustained energy and containing hearty whole grains, OatWell® soluble oat fiber and a good source of Quali®-B vitamins to help support energy production.
  • Apple & Oat Blended Fruit pouches for kids combining the deliciously wholesome taste of apples, oats and a dash of cinnamon with the added antioxidant protection of Quali® vitamins C & E, Quali® beta-carotene and OatWell® soluble oat fiber for healthy digestion.
  • Vanilla-Cinnamon Breakfast Shake made with heart healthy ingredients: OatWell® soluble oat fiber, life’sOMEGA™ EPA & DHA omega-3 and Quali®-C & E, antioxidant protection to help prevent free radical damage. 
  • BioFit Pro-muscle Workout Bar is a high-protein bar with added nutrients to help power exercise performance. In addition to being an excellent source of protein, BioFit has PeptoPro®, the performance peptide, to help the body fuel and recover during and after exercise and added vitamins Quali® B, C, D & E for energy production, bone health and antioxidant protection.

Cosucra celebrated the inauguration of its new pea processing line during its two-day opening event June 18 – 19. An extra line was built to meet the growing demand for vegetable protein. Active for 25 years in pea protein, Cosucra is strengthening its industrial and commercial leadership by this €30 million investment in its Belgian pea fractionation unit.

“Our new processing line is developed according to the latest state-of-the-art technology, based on our most recent know-how and with a focus on sustainability," said Michel Dewael, commercial director. “Due to some optimizations we namely manage to reduce our ecological footprint."

Sargento Foods Inc. is combining its food service and food ingredients divisions to form the new food service and ingredient division.

“Our food service and food ingredient divisions have been two cornerstones of our company," said Louie Gentine, CEO of Sargento Foods. “The new, strengthened Food Service and Ingredient Division builds on the skill sets and capabilities of our teams and sets us up for long-term success."

Marty Rowe, former president of the Sargento food ingredients division, has been appointed president of the food service and ingredient division effective immediately. He will report to Michael Pellegrino, chief customer officer & president-consumer products division.

In addition, several other internal leadership changes were announced, including:

  • Kevin Delahunt, vice president of food service sales 
  • Mike Sokol, vice president of sales services for the consumer products division
  • Bill Schaeffer, vice president of sales for food ingredients

Sargento Foods also announced the convenience store business will move to the consumer products division to fully leverage the company’s brand and innovation with these customers.

Epi Ingredients launched its new corporate identity, which stemmed not only from a need for renewal but also from the desire to create momentum to back the value-creation strategy implemented by Laïta for its dry ingredients division. 

To reinforce its leading position in the dairy ingredients sector and support the group’s substantial investments in the division, Epi Ingredients’ conducted a review of its brand proposition. The results helped identify the changes required to reinforce the brand and take it to the next level. Epi Ingredients’ logo has been updated to create a modern look and feel for the brand while ensuring continuity with its past through several details. In addition, it was designed to maintain the integrity of key elements of the group’s logo such as the milk drop that can be perceived within the letter ‘p’. The colors have also been touched up to enhance Epi Ingredients’ affiliation to the dairy market.

Photo credit: Spicy kettle chips with Tabasco spray dry; Image provided by Tabasco® brand.

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