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Magnesium-Creatine Chelate May Enhance Effects on Exhaustive Exercise


Magnesium-Creatine Chelate May Enhance Effects on Exhaustive Exercise

BELLINGHAM, Wash.--Magnesium-creatine chelate supplementation may allow runners to reach their physiological threshold later in exercise, according to researchers from Western Washington University who published a study in a Nutrition Week 2002 supplement to the February issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (75, 2(S), 2002) ( For two weeks, 35 subjects were randomly assigned to two groups: 1) magnesium and creatine monohydrate and a placebo; or 2) magnesium-creatine chelate (800 mg of magnesium and 5 g of creatine). Subjects' thresholds were measured using a test to exhaustion at 90 percent of subjects' maximal levels on a treadmill. Repeat tests were performed in each test session with a five-minute recovery between runs.

Measurements indicated an increase in the chelate group for the first test. Researchers concluded that magnesium-creatine chelate supplementation may allow runners to reach exhaustion later in exercise, as compared to the control group. There was also an improvement noted in the magnesium plus creatine group, although researchers noted that the type of supplementation did make a difference in responses, allowing subjects on chelate therapy to achieve greater anaerobic response, much like trained sprinters' responses.

The magnesium-creatine chelate used in this study, Creatine MagnaPower™, was manufactured and provided by Albion Advanced Nutrition (

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