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Bluenesse Benefits Cognitive Health, Mood

<p>New studies conducted on Vital Solutions&#8217; Bluenesse&#174; Melissa officinalis leaf extract show the proprietary ingredient can benefit cognitive health and mood.</p>

LANGENFELD, Germany—New studies conducted on Vital Solutions’ Bluenesse® Melissa officinalis leaf extract show the proprietary ingredient can benefit cognitive health and mood. (Nutrients. 2014; 6(11), 4805-4821. doi:10.3390/nu6114805)

The studies followed double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover human study designs.

"Consumers are looking for natural support to cope with daily requirements, from high work load to family issues, in a cool-headed, focused and structured way, and without compromising long-term health," said Sybille Buchwald-Werner, managing director at Vital Solutions. "With Bluenesse, we developed a special lemon balm extract. A dosage of only 300 mg showed significant effects to improve alertness, memory and mood." 

These are the first studies with lemon balm administered in a beverage (with similar bioavailability to capsule formulation) and in a drinkable yogurt. Bluenesse is water soluble and can be taken on demand. Effects are measurable within one hour of intake, and they are still perceivable after three hours. 

Bluenesse® is a proprietary Melissa officinalis leaf extract, standardized on muscarinic M1 receptor affinity and on rosmarinic acid 6-percent. It is a sustainable natural ingredient, which is IP-protected and approved to be used in foods and food supplements.

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