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Beauty from within comes out on top – product development guide

Beauty from within comes out on top – product development guide
Nutricosmetics for skin care are a category winner during and post-pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many supplement categories both succeed and falter. But for the beauty-from-within category, sometimes called nutricosmetics, which includes supplements that support healthy skin, the pandemic’s influence has been overwhelmingly positive. Consumers are thinking deeper than “skin-deep” about radiance and complexion, among other attributes.

From collagen to essential vitamins to keratin, ceramides and more, innovative and reputable ingredient suppliers are at the cutting edge of ingredient development for proven formulations that take advantage of the growing skincare market in the United States.

Download the latest product development guide to learn about that exciting future of the nutricosmetics market and how some of the top ingredients and formulations from top suppliers are pushing the industry forward to meet the demand of consumers looking for healthier skin.


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