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Healthy aging: The longevity paradigm – digital magazine

Healthy aging: The longevity paradigm – digital magazine
Promotion of a balanced lifestyle -- plus a spectrum of ingredients that strategically targets oxidative stress, inflammation, cognitive function and muscular/skeletal issues -- is at the heart of a new approach to aging focused on longevity. It’s an appeal that crosses demographic categories, with an emphasis on managing the consequences of aging. Supplements and functional ingredients can be the bridge to skin quality and elasticity, joint health, flexibility, physical performance, brain health, cognition and immune function -- all areas of health that can ameliorate the inevitable outcomes that go along with getting older.

Takeaways for Your Business:

  • Innovative nutrition strategies can help delay the age-associated breakdown of bone and muscle.
  • Consumers are intervening a lot earlier than previous generations when it comes to aging.
  • A focused strategy targeting a few key areas related to healthy aging can be very effective.

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