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Functional Food & Beverage Formulation Solutions

Functional Food & Beverage Formulation Solutions

Functional foods deliver health benefits extending beyond basic nutrition. Functionality can result from value-added ingredients, such as vitamins; or benefits inherent within ingredients, such as naturally occurring antioxidants in fruit. Since 2009, a twofold increase of consumers believe consuming fortified foods is important in maintaining their health. The challenge for formulators is to produce great-tasting functional foods and beverages while overcoming issues such as undesirable flavors and textures that may result from the use of certain natural ingredients.

Takeaways for Your Business

• Flavor masking is the art of complementing off-notes or distracting taste buds.
• Reducing sugar to support healthy weight and blood glucose has spurred use of alternative sweeteners.
• The package label is cited as the strongest influencer of healthy and natural product purchases.

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