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Gelnex Announces the Construction of 5th Gelatin Manufacturing Plant

Article-Gelnex Announces the Construction of 5th Gelatin Manufacturing Plant

<p style="text-align: left;">Gelnex is pleased to announce the construction of a new plant in the state of Mato Grosso (Brazil).</p>

Press Release

Gelnex is pleased to announce the construction of a new plant in the state of Mato Grosso (Brazil). This project, fully established within the company’s long-term growth plan, has as its main goal an extension of its production capacity, from the current 28,000 MT a year to 35,000 MT a year.

This project was launched in the second half of 2015; the construction of the new factory unit began in mid-2016. According to the company, the decision to build another plant in Brazil, and, more specifically, in the state of Mato Grosso (MT), is mainly due to the following facts:

    ü Brazil is largest gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen producer in the world; its total production should surpass 65 MT in 2017; Additionally, it has the largest growing potential for raw material availability.

    ü The state of Mato Grosso has the largest bovine cattle livestock, and the highest swine livestock growth rate. Besides, it stands out for its highly professional livestock activity.

Gelnex currently has four plants dedicated to the production of gelatin, and one factory unit dedicated to the production of hydrolyzed collagen. These plants are strategically located next to the main swine and bovine raw material production centers in three regions of Brazil: Itá (SC), Nazário (GO) and Araguaína (TO). This allows Gelnex to work with fresher raw material, which enables the production of high-quality products.

Gelnex’s share in the global market has regularly and consistently been growing. In August, one exportation record was reached, and then broken in September. For the first time, the company’s gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen dispatches (the total sum of local market sales and exportations), exceeded 2,400 Ton. Gelnex projects that, by the end of 2017, the company will have grown by 15% in comparison to 2016. Gelnex is currently among the world’s four biggest gelatin manufacturers, and is present in over 50 countries. Gelnex credits its consistent growth mostly to its transparency and respect towards suppliers and customers.

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