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BoomAgers and NMI Offer Report on Baby Boomer Consumers

Article-BoomAgers and NMI Offer Report on Baby Boomer Consumers

<p>BoomAgers and NMI announced the collaboration on a report about baby boomer consumers.</p>

BoomAgers, an advertising agency targeting the aging consumer, and NMI, a research and global market intelligence provider specializing in health and wellness, announced the release of a collaborative thought leadership report.  The report, "Marketing's Next Home Run," is a follow-up to BoomAgers' 2013 report, "Boomers: Marketing’s Most Valuable Generation." The new report is available to download here.

“This is one of the most dramatic lifestyle shifts we’ve ever witnessed as 10,000 boomers retire each day for the next 17 years.  They are leaving the traditional workplace and returning home, and marketers are faced with a huge opportunity to deliver products and solutions for the new ways the Boomers will live in and use their homes," said Peter Hubbell, BoomAgers founder and CEO.  

To develop the report, NMI and BoomAgers synthesized propriety data with strategic insight into the behavior and values of the baby boomer consumer. The reports quantifies the modern face of aging and explores the implications for marketers as a result of the trends toward "aging in place," as well as multi-generational households, the importance of home health care, environmentalism and the desire of many retired baby boomers to keep working.

“The combination of NMI’s industry-leading research and analytics with BoomAgers’ deep insight into the values and behavior of the nearly 80 million baby boomers has resulted in a report that will be eye-opening for many product manufacturers and service providers who believe the boomers are yesterday’s consumers and are focusing on other generational cohorts,"  said NMI managing partner, Steve French.

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