Video: Culinary Influence on Beverage Trends

From fruits and vegetables to spices, grains and ancient teas, the beverage and culinary worlds are sharing ingredients and flavor profiles to develop innovative new products.

Beverage products draw inspiration from many sources, whether cactus plants, global spices, the state of the economy or regional cuisine trends. In recent years, the interplay between food and beverage has expanded.

In this INSIDER exclusive video, Suzy Badaracco, president, Culinary Tides, shares insight into the beverage/culinary overlap. She’ll expand on the topic at SupplySide West in Las Vegas, at a special workshop, “Sparking Beverage Innovation,” Wednesday, Oct. 5. Additional topics will include:

• Unique ingredients trending in CPG beverages

• Key considerations in formulating beverages with functional ingredients

• How to develop an effective beverage go-to-market strategy

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