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Supplement Perspectives

New Research Supports Ingredients for Immunity, Liver Support and Brain Function

<p>New research supports ingredients for immune strength, liver support and brain function.</p>

New research supports ingredients for immune strength, liver support and brain function.

A survey conducted by Embria Health Sciences suggests regular use of its immune strengthening supplement, EpiCor®, provides superior long-term health advantages. Of the more than 150 EpiCor consumers surveyed, those who took the supplement “regularly" were more than three times as likely to have five or more healthy winters versus “on and off" or “former" users. Respondents ranged from healthcare practitioners to athletes, with people identifying as parents representing the majority of respondants (70 percent of all EpiCor consumers surveyed).

Three new studies have shown a new mechanism of action of bergamot-derived polyphenolic fraction (BERGAMONTE® BPF from HP Ingredients), according to Annie Eng, CEO of HP Ingredients. The three scientific investigations have uncovered BERGAMONTE BPF’s ability to help millions of consumers address metabolic syndrome (MS) and liver support, in particular non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a condition that exacerbates unhealthy cholesterol levels, blood sugar insufficiency and weight/fat accumulation. (Visit the HP Ingredients Global Storefront to learn more.)

Phosphatidylserine—more commonly known as PS—is set to break out from the cognitive health category and make an impact in several new benefit areas, according to Enzymotec, supplier of EnzyPS™. Until now, PS has been widely used to maintain and improve brain function in a range of applications. But now its benefits are beginning to gain recognition in other areas, too, including skin health, sports nutrition, stress reduction and mood enhancement.

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