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Epi Ingredients driving innovation with SoFlexi a new versatile yogurt based concept

Epi Ingredients – the dry ingredients division of dairy cooperative Laïta and one of the world’s dairy ingredients experts – is proud to introduce SoFlexi, the first concept of a series poised to grow in the coming years.

Press Release

Epi Ingredients – the dry ingredients division of dairy cooperative Laïta and one of the world’s dairy ingredients experts – is proud to introduce SoFlexi, the first concept of a series poised to grow in the coming years. Designed to showcase the company’s application expertise and dairy ingredients know-how as well as to promote the use of EPILAC Lowfat Yogurt Powder 48 in new product developments, SoFlexi was created with the end-consumer in mind. “SoFlexi is a powdered mix that allows consumers to create fresh yogurt-tasting snacks at their convenience. Whether they are in the mood for a drinking yogurt, some ice cream or an acid drink, they can indulge almost instantly thanks to SoFlexi!”, reveals Mathieu Lucot, marketing manager at Epi Ingredients. “But the goal for Epi Ingredients is not to sell the concept. Our objective with SoFlexi it is to drive innovation and help our customers visualize what they can do with our ingredients, all the way from the bulk ingredient to actual CPG marketing”, he explains.

SoFlexi is the first concept of the range SoUnik, designed to showcase the unique characteristics of Epi Ingredients’ product offering. Other concepts will soon be added to this range to get manufacturers excited about new healthy indulgence developments featuring the company’s ingredients and that will satisfy consumers’ cravings for both taste and well-being!

More about SoFlexi!

SoFlexi comes in individual pouches containing 40g (≈ 1.41oz) of a powdered mix made of only 5 ingredients and including EPILAC Lowfat Yogurt Powder 48. To cater to consumers who are always pressed for time and looking for convenient, “on-the-go” snack options, SoFlexi has been developed to allow quick and easy transformation into one of three products:

-          Blend it with ice cubes and milk to get an instant milk shake

-          Simply mix it with water for a delicious and convenient drinking yogurt

-          Add your favorite fruit juice and you’ve created a tasty acid drink

Regardless of the chosen application, EPILAC Lowfat Yogurt Powder 48 brings natural acidity and a pleasant yogurt flavor as well as a smooth creamy texture to the end product.

What about EPILAC powders?

EPILAC ingredients are a range of premium fermented powders – yogurt powder, quark powder and fermented milk powder – with differentiating features such as, among others, the presence of live cultures in some of them. For example, EPILAC Lowfat Yogurt Powder 48 offers the possibility of calling the end-product ‘yogurt’, in compliance with French regulations. With a strong yet pleasant dairy flavor and some natural acidity, these all-natural powders are a true asset in developing innovative yet indulgent food and beverages, which is what the company set out to illustrate with this new finished product concept, SoFlexi. Easy to implement, they can be incorporated into a wide variety of food matrixes such as ice cream, frozen yogurt as well as fillings and icings for bakery products, segment in which the ‘yogurt-like’ taste is very trendy. Beyond these exclusive functional and sensory attributes, EPILAC fermented powders could also impart health benefits as they contain the same live bacteria (Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus) as the ones found in yogurt. These are known to help balance the gut flora as well as strengthen the immune system, which makes EPILAC powders an interesting option to formulate nutrition-oriented products.


To learn more about the company’s new concept, SoFlexi, or to discuss how EPILAC Lowfat Yogurt Powder 48 could drive the success of your next product development, visit or contact Mathieu Lucot: [email protected].

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