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Thomas Tierney What A Contract Manufacturer Needs From Its Clients
Thomas Tierney

A contract manufacturer must evaluate any potential clients before making any commitments, writes Thomas T. Tierney, who describes what both sides must bring to the table.

Daryl Conant An Essential Vegetarian Supplement
Daryl Conant

The choice of being a vegetarian is a conscious decision that many people have adopted into their belief system. The vegetarian lifestyle is a disciplined and regulated way of life. There are many positive benefits of living a vegetarian lifestyle, there is one negative side that is often neglected. Taking in the right type and correct amount of muscle building protein is too low in the ...

Protective Nutraceutical Delivery Systems for Optimal Eye Health--Part 1 of 4

This is the first of four parts, which will run through Thursday.  The ability to deliver nutrients and compounds for overall eye health is important for everyone. They allow the eyes to function in many capacities; mainly, to keep vision optimal.      When we were young, we were told to eat carrots. The reason: carrots contain beta-carotene, that when ingested and absorbed is ...

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Follow the Liter

James Gormley tastes a new generation of nutrient-infused sports drinks that has come into its own.
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Decode the Science Behind Your Sports Supplement

You can make your sports nutrition supplement's science simple and marketable, writes Sebastien Bornet of Horphag Research.
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How Much Value Do Sports Nutrition Supplements Add?

You may not like the answer. Anthony Almada has more.
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Managing GMPs to Avoid Common Sports Nutrition Compliance Pitfalls (Part 2 of 2)

NPA’s Amber Littlejohn concludes her tutorial for sports nutrition companies on handling GMPs.
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Is Your Company Subject to the Dietary Supplement GMPs? (Part 1 of 2)

Sit down, sports nutrition companies: Amber Littlejohn, assistant for regulatory affairs for the Natural Products Association, has a few things to tell you.
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Knowing Your Niche in Sports Nutrition

Who is the current sports nutrition consumer? Don't miss out on these emerging demographics.
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Joint Care for the Older Fitness Enthusiast

Sports nutrition is not just a young person’s game, writes Dean Mosca, president of Proprietary Nutritionals, Inc.
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Are You Properly Marketing Creatine Monohydrate?

If you're just gearing it toward football players that's a big mistake, writes Dr. C. Leigh Broadhurst.
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Pre-workout Drinks Have Lost Their Way

And nearly did Elan Sudberg, who was a devoted user. Here’s his story.
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An Athlete Discusses Sports Nutrition

Mark Becker describes his five essential supplements for optimum endurance and energy.
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