• Building on Probiotic Research
    Numerous studies illustrate a variety of benefits attributed to probiotics, and research on these helpful gut bacteria is continually expanding to new and exciting areas of health. ...More
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  • Dr. Oz Further Promotes Red Palm Oil
    Dr. Mehmet Oz continued to promote the health benefits and sustainability of Malaysian red palm oil in a recent segment on his show, where a member of his medical advising team visited Malaysia to give an account of the oil’s production process. ...More
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  • Aker BioMarine Seeks MSC Certification Renewal
    Aker BioMarine entered a comment period for the renewal of its Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. If successful, this will re-certify the sustainability and 100-percent traceability of Superba and Qrill, the company's flagship krill ingredients. ...More
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  • Working with FDA for Successful Outcomes Post-Inspection
    Has FDA visited and dropped the hammer? It’s OK. Joy A. Joseph has you covered. ...More
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  • Sexual Health Buyers Guidebook
    From skeptical consumers to dangerous adulteration, dietary supplement manufacturers face countless quality issues throughout the sexual health ingredient buying process. This Buyers Guidebook equips companies with the knowledge of top ingredients, appropriate testing ...More
  • Fiber-Based Ingredient Effectively Curbs Hunger
    Research funded by Ingredion Inc. shows the fiber-based ingredient Weightain can effectively reduce hunger and help people consume less food. ...More
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  • EpiCor May Reduce Free Radical Formation
    Embria Health Sciences’ EpiCor dried fermentate can significantly reduce free radical formation under oxidative stress. ...More
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  • SupplySide Omega-3 Insights Releases First Documentary Film
    Informa, one of the world’s leading knowledge providers to individuals, businesses and organizations, announced its SupplySide Omega-3 Insights brand recently released its first documentary film, underwritten by Qualitas Health, titled “Quality, Sustainability ...More
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  • Capturing the Audience with the Label
    Supplement labels not only capture consumer attention, they must contain the legal FDA requirements and avoid touting misleading claims. ...More
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