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Vitamin Angels Lauds 'Super Moms'

As Mother's Day approaches next month, we tend to reflect on the hardships our moms smiled through to get us to where we are today. Maybe she put her career on hold or she never got to go to Italy like she always wanted. (My mom sacrificed both.) Instead, she loved and cared for us. We really can't ever pay her back.

Now, think of the moms out there who are doing all of this without the proper nutrition; maybe your mom was one of them.

Vitamin Angels, the amazing organization that helps children get adequate nutrition, is honoring all the moms out there with its "My Super Mom" social media campaign. While honoring all moms, it also raises awareness for the organization, which also reaches at-risk pregnant women and new mothers with life-changing multivitamins.

Participants are encouraged to share stories about their moms on Twitter, Instagram and Vitamin Angels Facebook page using the hashtag #MySuperMom. Singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman added her own video talking about how her own super mom" influenced her career. 

Throughout the My Super Mom campaign, which launched Sunday, April 14, Vitamin Angels will share inspiring stories of super moms" who are receiving vitamins through their programs. Supporters can share with their friends and family, and encourage them to participate.

The campaign culminates on Friday, May 10, with a video compilation of the most inspiring, funny and touching user-generated content in celebration of the importance of mothers.

There is no cost to participate, however those interested in donating may do so through the Vitamin Angels website. You can also donate to the organization for free by downloading Upwards!, a digital magazine produced by INSIDER publisher VIRGO. The magazine delivers Vitamin Angels' news and stories.

I'm going to think about what story I can tell about my mom to share. If you post your story, let me know on Twitter (@SandyAlmendarez), and I'll give you a retweet.

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