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sex health

Top Considerations in the Sex Health Market

<p>From skeptical consumers to dangerous adulteration, dietary supplement manufacturers face countless quality issues throughout the sexual health ingredient buying process.</p>

Sexual health—it can be a touchy subject for consumers and manufacturers alike. Dietary supplement firms must overcome industry stigma caused by tainted products, and market to a skeptical and sometimes embarrassed demographic.

But if equipped with the knowledge of ingredients, appropriate testing procedures and marketing techniques, supplement manufacturers may create a rising star in the sexual health market. After all, these products are always in demand.

"Sex is a perennial topic," declared Chris Kilham, explorer in residence at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. "There has been demand for sex-enhancing products since the beginning of human history. This will continue until the end of human history."

This evergreen desire explains the category's ever-growing sales. Men's sex health products alone accounted for approximately USD $517 million in sales in 2012, according to a Nutrition Business Journal report. And this is just the beginning, according to Jith Veeravalli, president, Gencor: "Within the natural products sector, the sexual health market is still at an early stage, with considerable room for growth."

Learn more about quality control issues such as adulteration and documentation—and how manufacturers can overcome them to successfully enter the market—in INSIDER’s Sexual Health Buyers Guidebook.

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