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Patent and trademark trends for maternal nutrition products

Patent and trademark trends for maternal nutrition products

Since 2011, the number of patent applications directed toward maternal nutrition products has increased dramatically, showing brands are investing in this important category.

Consumers are becoming more informed than ever before, and this is especially true in the maternity/expectant mother target demographic. As demand for products targeted toward expectant mothers increases, so too must the supply of such products.

Brands are realizing this, based on observed trends in the filing of patents. Patent filings for maternal nutrition products have increased globally and dramatically since 2011. China remains at the forefront in number of patents filed, but the United States and others have seen similar increases as well.

As new products hit the market, it becomes increasingly important for brands to market themselves appropriately. Utilizing specific key words—mother, maternity, baby, lactation, fertility, pregnancy, etc.—remains key when filing for patents on new products.

As demand for maternal nutrition products grows with the increasingly-educated consumer, brands will be forced to keep up in new and innovative ways. A crowded market only allows so much room for the brands that hope to take advantage of it. Those that do seem poised to profit, while those that do not seem poised to fail.

Check out INSIDER’s Maternal Nutrition Digital Magazine for more information on patents and trademarks for prenatal products.

Gideon Eckhouse is a senior associate at KramerAmado, with more than 10 years of experience in patents and trademarks.

Chris Jones is a patent agent and technical specialist at KramerAmado. He has a master’s degree in chemistry and a background in both chemical and biochemical technologies. Chris is currently pursuing his juris doctorate degree at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School and will graduate in December 2018.

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