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Maternal nutrition consumer insights

Maternal nutrition consumer insights

Maternal nutrition brands need to understand how and where new moms research products and who they trust to provide information.

Expectant mothers must approach nearly every aspect of their lives differently once they become pregnant. What goes into their food, their vitamins, their makeup and anything else that goes in or on their bodies suddenly becomes heavily scrutinized. Expectant mothers immediately begin to question everything they consume, and whether it is good not only for them, but for their developing child.

Brands that supply expectant mothers with their needs—from food to supplements and information—the key is twofold—must not only know what expectant mothers are looking for, but how and where, to get themselves and their products into the consciousness of their potential customers.

This can be done in many ways, but the ultimate key is to know what potential consumers are looking for and to get product in front of them, physically or digitally. This means knowing what kinds of products mothers-to-be are researching, how and where this research is being done, what questions expectant mothers need answered and who they trust to provide those answers. Catering to specific search terms and hashtags will help brands get themselves and the products they market in front of the people who purchase them. Catering to these needs in a way that makes one’s brand visible and reliable is the key to acquiring and retaining an ever-replenishing target audience.

Learn how to connect with expectant moms in INSIDER’s Maternal Health Digital Magazine.

Lisa Mabe is CEO of Green Purse PR, a boutique research and public relations (PR) consultancy based in Washington. She is an award-winning PR expert with recognized expertise in marketing to women, shopper research and social communications. Mabe conducts research and directs marketing communications for companies keen to understand and connect with health-conscious female consumers. She has more than 12 years of experience working with companies around the world, such as KeHE Distributors LLC, Saffron Road, OBE Organic and Edible Arrangements. Follow Mabe on Twitter at @LisaMabe and follow her blog, #GetInHerCart, for more marketing to women insight.

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