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The digital pregnancy

The digital pregnancy

Brands can connect prenatal vitamins with pregnancy mindfulness and exercise to create overall programs.

In today’s digital world, nearly all of one’s needs can be addressed on smartphones or computers. Everyday tasks such as finding and ordering food, getting a ride, checking the weather, etc., can be done instantly in the palm of the hand.

As this “on-demand” world continues to take shape, personal health has entered the technological space as well. One can track exercise, diet, sleep and mental health, often all in the same app. This leads to a seemingly-obvious question: Why isn’t the same true for expectant mothers?

Mothers-to-be, especially in today’s world of limitless information, are rightfully seeking help during their pregnancies. What to eat, what supplements to take, what vitamins they require and when—expectant mothers are more interested in this information than ever before.

This makes it more incredible that few if any prenatal supplement brands are taking advantage of the opportunity in front of them. A supplement brand that can find a way to incorporate a smartphone app or mobile site will find itself a massive audience. Where ingredients come from, when and why they’re needed, how to incorporate them into one’s diet and much more could all be placed in the palm of mothers-to-be—if only someone will put it there. There is a massive, unique market there for the taking.

Learn more about how brands can capitalize on technology during pregnancy in INSIDER’s Maternal Nutrition Digital Magazine.

John Siefert is chief marketing officer of STYR Labs, where he manages go-to-market strategy, app content and customer engagement. Prior to joining STYR Labs in 2017, he was president of the Global Health and Nutrition Network at Informa, where he was responsible for media brands and events in North America, Europe and Asia. Siefert was CEO of Virgo LLC from 2010 to 2014. He also spent 15 years with United Business Media, where he was the senior vice president of the InformationWeek Business Technology Network.

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