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Top 5 Diet Trends for 2010Top 5 Diet Trends for 2010

January 4, 2010

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Top 5 Diet Trends for 2010

ATLANTAThe top diet trends for 2010 will focus on foods with added valueboth health and dollar wisewhile consumers look for ways to budget calories and dollars, according to a new survey from the Calorie Control Council.

"Consumers are considering their health as well as their pocketbooks, said Beth Hubrich, a registered dietitian and executive director of the Calorie Control Council. Although there may be an uptick in the economy, people are looking not only to improve their financial health but also their physical health.

The Council predicts the following five trends when it comes to dieting, weight loss and physical activity in 2010:

1. "Calories will remain king." Although times are tough, consumers seem to understand that "calories still count." In a nationally projectable Calorie Control Council survey, respondents stated some of the primary reasons for using low-calorie, sugar-free and reduced-calorie products are "to stay in better overall health," "to eat and drink healthier foods and beverages," and "to reduce calories." By incorporating low-calorie foods such as diet sodas, light juices, and light yogurts, consumers can control calories while still enjoying their favorite foods on a reasonable budget.

2. "Recessionistas" will look for added value in their foods and beverages. Heightened consumer awareness of the relationship between diet and health has increased the demand for "functional" foods. Sales of foods and beverages with added benefits and health claims that also fit into a reasonable budget are becoming more popular as consumers spend more time "weighing" food and beverage options for both price and nutrition. As consumers have driven the food and beverage market toward preventive health and wellness, there will likely be an increased demand for these functional foods and beverages in the coming year.

3. Natural nutrition. With so many new stevia products on the market, consumers have more options than ever. There are now many tabletop sweeteners as well as several beverages sweetened with stevia.

4. Clipping coupons will remain in vogue. Just as "recessionistas" will look for foods and beverages to provide functional benefits they also will look for the best deals on their favorite foods. Consumers will pay attention to dollar days, specials at stores, and use coupons to help them save additional money.

5. "At home fitness" will become more important. With cash being king, many consumers will opt out of a gym membership and instead rely on "at home fitness" opportunities including fitness DVDs, Wii units and other opportunities.

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