SupplySide West Podcast 48: Weight Loss, Reimagined

Weight loss efforts typically result in failure, which is why an industry shift to “weight management” can help encourage consumers change their lifestyles and yield better results—giving product manufacturers longer-term success.

Weight loss products have had an uphill battle, from a small but impactful number of unscrupulous players and potentially harmful products to consumer frustration from failing results. These factors, along with a deeper look at market data and product trends, led Nutrition Business Journal to shift its focus on the industry from weight loss to weight management. In this podcast, Editor-in-Chief Rick Polito and Senior Industry Analyst Claire Morton of New Hope Network join Karen Butler, content marketing manager, in analyzing:

• Consumer behavior patterns regarding protein, fat and other components of weight management

• Market data and statistics related to category sales

• Increasing interest in and development of personalized nutrition solutions, particularly involving technology

Polito and Morton will be speaking at the “Tackling Weight Management With Nutrition” Workshop on Tues., Sept. 26, from 9 am to noon at SupplySide West. The Workshop is underwritten by NNB. Visit for more information and to get registered.

Click the following link to read more from Polito on “Reimagining the Weight Loss Category.”

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