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New Perspectives for Weight Management Products

<p>Consumers are turning away from marketing messages that focus on &#8220;weight loss" and instead prefer personalized food and supplement plans that focus on overall health.</p>

In the past two years, recent debates in the medical and scientific communities and via social media have questioned the true meaning of “healthy weight" as related to the image of a perfect body, and to the point where apparel retailers have modified their lines to embrace and cater to the new reality of an overweight or obese consumer. Recent publications in medical literature seem to indicate being overweight does not necessarily mean being unhealthy, thus potentially shifting the understanding of being overweight as a potential risk factor for metabolic syndrome and other chronic conditions.

Within this new thinking, companies and producers that market and sell weight management products are changing the positioning of their nutritional products and supplements from a pure weight loss proposition to more of a well-being alternative that promotes a healthy weight regardless if it is within the strict definition of healthy weight as set up by policy makers.

Not all dietary interventions and weight management programs work the same for all. A larger number of consumers are increasing their consumption of fresh foods influenced by the latest trends on healthy meals and public health policies favoring the consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and lean meats. Personalization is another important trend. The industry is going one step beyond by launching unique personalized wellness and lifestyles programs that are significantly changing the perception of nutrition and supplementation for weight management.

More brands are marketing their products as convenient meals and skipping the “weight loss" wording altogether. This trend shows an evolving industry looking beyond the traditional concept of weight management.

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