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Supplement Perspectives

A More Targeted Approach to Weight Loss

People of all sizes at one point in their lives want help in losing weight -- whether it's that pesky extra five to 10 pounds on a once-lean frame, to the morbidly obese who have been faced with dire messages from their physicians: lose it or die.  Although the formula remains the same no matter what:  calories consumed are fewer than calories expended or "burned," the manner in which people gain weight -- their individual challenges -- are different.

Further, a New York Times Magazine article, "The Fat Trap," by Tara Parker-Pope (December 28, 2011) discussed innovative research that essentially demonstrates that those who are obese will remain fat due to genetics, making it much more challenging to lose a lot of weight. Those of us with weight problems must do what we can to get fit and stay fit.

There is a sliver of good news. Barring being diagnosed with endocrinology disorders, we have figured out the top three reasons why the pounds and the fat creep up:  hunger, carb intake, and insufficient blood sugar response.

Supplements must be formulated and marketed to fit into a lifestyle, taking into account the desire for all meals and snacks to be pleasurable while changing that diet to be one that is more nutrient-dense, lower-calorie, and blood-sugar friendly.  In other words, the supplement is not the sole approach, to be a separate tool. It must be marketed as an integrative tool. 

While scanning the shelves, the consumer who is faced with the solution to their most challenging reason the weight has been gained will purchase that supplement.  In addition to those supplements that accelerate metabolism and calorie-burning, providing solutions that integrate with how consumers eat will help many become successful at losing weight/fat -- and keeping it off.

Similar to the burgeoning customized/targeted multivitamin category, weight loss supplements that still have the "everything but the kitchen sink" approach to simply "lose weight" will not survive in the consumer-savvy, more sophisticated marketplace.

At Pharmachem we have a suite of ingredients that can be used in addressing those three phrases of weight management.

Phase 1 Hunger Controller™ is a convenient family of flavored beverage powders containing Olibra™ clinically shown to promote appetite control and satiety. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity showed that subjects who consumed foods containing Olibra had significantly reduced food intake at subsequent meals.

Phase 2 Carb Controller™ is a proprietary extract of the white bean clinically shown to reduce the digestion of starches. Its efficacy and safety have been confirmed in over two dozen separate studies.

Phase 3 Sugar Controller™ is a powdered formula shown to be effective in supporting healthy blood sugar levels. A new human study of Phase 3 Sugar Controller showed that 1.1 grams of the material had a significant effect on improving blood sugar and insulin levels after consumption of a beverage containing 70 grams of sugar.

Each of the three phases can be used in different products. For example, Phase 1 is available in flavored beverage powders. Phase 2 and Phase 3 can be utilized in tablets, capsules, or in functional foods and beverages. In summary, the key point is that there is more choice now for healthy weight management and this will continue. 

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