Diet Goggles Alter Perception of Food

June 6, 2012

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Diet Goggles Alter Perception of Food

TOKYOThe secret to dieting may have been unlocked by researchers at the University of Tokyo who developed diet goggles" that use computer technology and augmented reality to

alter the persons perception of food and trick people into thinking they are full or the food they are eating is less appealing.

As reported by the Tokyo Times, goggle-mounted cameras transmit images to a computer that enlarges the food item a person is eating by up to 50%. Interestingly, the technology allows the persons hand to remain the actual size. The result is the person thinks they are eating a supersized cookie or snack.

In laboratory experiments, study participants consumed about 10% less cookies when they were wearing the diet goggles; they ate 15% more when cookies were made to look smaller than their actual size.

The researchers said the technology works because the brain believes visual information rather than the information it receives from the stomach or our other internal sensors."

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