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August 1, 2007

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A line of FTNF distillates, essences and extracts from Arome America LLC are intended for use in Hispanic-inspired products. Varieties include plantain, pomello, chile, sangria citrus, coconut, guarana, avocado, carambola and more.

Visit www.aromeamerica.com 

A flavor enhancer from Bell Flavors and Fragrances, #132.27967, can be used as a 1:1 replacement for salt in applications such as meats, cheeses, salad dressings, condiments, bakery and dairy. This kosher-approved, freeflowing white powder is heat stable up to 220°F, and is freeze/ thaw stable.

Visit www.bellff.com 

Milk-Plus powder ingredient systems from Advanced Food Systems, Inc., allow whole milk to deliver the flavor and mouthfeel of heavy-cream systems. They reduce cost and total fat, can be made without adding trans fatty acids, and hydrate easily in hot or cold milk.

Visit www.afsnj.com 

Insta Grains® ingredients from Briess Malt & Ingredients Company are specially processed to incorporate directly into whole-grain dough without a presoak. They are all-natural, kosher-certified and non-GMO, and each gram delivers 1 gram whole grain to a finished product.

Visit www.briess.com 

A line of plant sterols from ADM, CardioAid, is safe and effective in blocking the cholesterol absorption. The line is GRAS for a wide range of categories, and can be formulated into many food and beverage applications, from mayonnaise and dressings to cereals and fruit juices.

Visit www.admworld.com 

A yeast-based salt substitute from DSM Food Specialties, Sensarite, allows salt reduction of up to 50% in bakery and dairy applications. It boosts saltiness, intensifies and balances flavor profiles, and exhibits strong masking capabilities.

Visit www.sensarite.com 

A bulk sweetener from Cargill Sweetness Solutions, Zerose erythritol, provides no calories, artificial ingredients or aftertaste. The all-natural sweetener tastes 60% to 70% as sweet as sugar, is nonglycemic and noninsulemic, reduces water activity in products, provides volume and provides the freeze-point depression needed in many frozen treats.

Visit www.cargillsweetness.com 

Natural Pear Type Flavor from Flavor Dynamics imparts the crisp, sweet and fruity notes of a ripe Bartlett pear. This heat- and freeze/thaw-stable liquid is suited for tea, confections, sauces, salad dressings, fondants, puddings, ice cream, beverages and baked goods.

Visit www.flavordynamics.com 

An omega-3 fatty acid from Frutarom USA Inc., Alina, is derived from the Salvia seed. It allows fortification without negative flavor or texture impact, and improved shelf stability in beverages, baked goods, cereal and heat-treated dairy.

Visit www.frutarom.com 

TruBran corn bran from Grain Processing Corporation is made from 100% yellow corn and contains a minimum of 75% total dietary fiber. Available in two different particle sizes, TruBran increases fiber in snacks, cereals, baked goods, nutritional bars and other fiber-fortified foods. Usage levels range between 1% to 30%, depending on the application and fiber requirement for a desired dietary claim.

Visit www.grainprocessing.com 

CoffeeBerry® Soluble from FutureCeuticals, Inc., is a water-soluble version of CoffeeBerry Forte Extract formulated for the beverage industry. Made from coffee fruit, it has a mild, pleasant flavor and provides 6,000 ORAC units per gram.

Visit www.futureceuticals.com 

Hot-fill sauces from Gamay Foods are packaged in flexible, 8 oz. pouches. The shelf-stable sauces include Cheddar, Parmesan Alfredo, Southwest Red Pepper Cheese Sauce, Green Chile and Tomato, Jerk, Teriyaki and more. Pour spout channel dispensing is available, along with registered/ random print.

Visit www.gamayflavors.com 

Whey protein crisps from Grande Custom Ingredients Group, Grande WPCrisp®, deliver high-quality protein with a mild dairy flavor that blends with other ingredients and flavors. They can be customized to a variety of sizes, shapes, flavors, colors and protein levels, from 25% to 80%, for bars, snacks and cereals.

Visit www.grandecig.com 

Maltrin QD® agglomerated maltodextrins from Grain Processing Corporation add bulk and carry flavors and spices in many formulations, including dry mixes for sauces, dressings, toppings, glazes and gravies, sports beverages, and drink mixes. They are free-flowing and disperse quickly.

Visit www.grainprocessing.com 

Agave inulin from American Health & Nutrition offers fiber and prebiotic health functionalities, as well as improved mouthfeel, shelf life, texture and binding.

Visit www.organicharvest.com 

Whey and soy protein blends from Glanbia Nutritionals, Inc., BarGain, provide enhanced functionality and a complete protein solution for bars and baked goods. The two blends extend shelf life and provide clean flavor and soft texture.

Call 800/336-2183

21st Sensory offers a range of testing services, from a quick turnaround fingerprint of a few products to an entire category mapping combining consumer data and descriptive analysis.

Visit www.21stSensory.com 

A blend of xanthan and guar gums from Gum Technology Corporation, Coyote Brand Stabilizer ST-101, provides structure to gluten-free products. The blend can be used at a much lower concentration, about half, than that of straight xanthan alone.

Visit www.gumtech.com 

McClancy Seasoning provides seasonings and spices for flavoring cooking sauces, as well as R&D, custom-blending and co-packing capabilities. Offering extensive industry experience and personalized service, the company also works with customers to develop distinct flavor creations.

Visit www.mcclancy.com 

A natural rosemary extract from Kalsec, Herbalox® Seasoning, extends shelf life by controlling oxidation reactions, delaying flavor-deterioration onset, and slowing the development of off flavors, texture changes and color loss.

Visit www.kalsec.com 

Algae-derived omega-3 from Martek, lifesDHA, enhances nutritional value without impacting taste or smell. It is available as a highly purified oil or microencapsulated powder for functional foods, dietary supplements and infant formulas.

Visit www.lifesdha.com 

Mastertaste offers flavor modulation technology mainly focused on salt reduction, bitter masking and sweetness modulation. The flavor modulators interact with taste receptors and are based on FEMA GRAS ingredients and chemicals.

Visit www.mastertaste.com 

All-natural sea salt from Nexcel Natural Ingredients, SOLO®, is magnesium-enriched and contains 60% less sodium than ordinary salt, yet can replace it on a 1:1 basis in formulations, without sacrificing taste or functionality.

Visit www.soloseasaltusa.com 

Ready-to-use calcium from Purac, Puracal® QSynergy, a free-flowing, quick-dispersing mixture of calcium lactate and calcium citrate developed for fruit and acidified dairy drinks, enhances flavor without grit or dust.

Visit www.purac.com 

Organic Kamut® Bulgur from Sunnyland Mills is a rich-flavored, whole-grain product available in fine and coarse grinds, as well as whole kernel. 

Visit www.sunnylandmills.com 

A hydrocolloid system from TIC Gums, Ticaloid® MP, prevents fried food from breaking apart during frying and reduces oil pickup by about 20%. It helps control syneresis, allows for effective water-binding in nonheated systems, and forms strong gels when heated.

Visit www.ticgums.com 

Dried apples from Tree Top, Inc., Tree Top Fruit Sensations, consist of 60% Washington apples infused with 10% fruit juice concentrate, sugar, natural color and flavor. The ready-to-eat fruit functions similarly to raisins.

Call 509/698-1435

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