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Most Vitamin A Supplements Pass CL TestsMost Vitamin A Supplements Pass CL Tests

September 21, 2011

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Most Vitamin A Supplements Pass CL Tests

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.Most vitamin A supplements recently tested by ConsumerLab.com met their label claims; however, one only contained 54.3 percent of its listed amount of vitamin A and another product mislabeled alpha carotene as vitamin A. Those that passed included seven vitamin A pills and liquid supplements selected by ConsumerLab and six other supplements tested through ConsumerLab's voluntary certification program. ConsumerLab also indentified three products similar to one that passed testing.

ConsumerLab found the lowest cost to obtain vitamin A was from beta-carotene supplementsless than 1 cent per 5,000 IU in some brands. The lowest cost to obtain pre-formed vitamin A (retinol) from cod or other fish liver oil supplements was 2 cents per 5,000 IU. More expensive products cost as much as $3 per 5,000 IU of vitamin A, but included additional vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and/or omega-3 fatty acids.

All of the supplements were tested for their amounts of claimed forms of vitamin A (as provitamin A or beta-carotene) and for possible contamination with lead. Products made from fish liver oil were also tested for possible contamination with mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). All non-chewable and non-time-release tablets or caplets were tested for their ability to break apart properly to release their ingredients.

Supplements covered in the Product Review of Vitamin A Supplements" are Bausch & Lomb PreserVision, ChildLife Cod Liver Oil, Country Life Dry Vitamin A, CVS Pharmacy Beta-Carotene, Garden of Life Oceans 3 Cod Liver Oil, Icaps, Jarrow Formulas CarotenALL, Natural Factors Vitamin A, Nature Made Vitamin A, Natures Bounty Beta-Carotene, Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil, Pure Encapsulations Vitamin A, Puritans Pride Beta-Carotene, Rite Aid Pharmacy Beta-Carotene, Swanson Premium Brand Beta Carotene, Sundown Naturals Highest Potency Beta-Carotene, Vitamin Shoppe Beta-Carotene and Vitamin World Beta-Carotene.

Vitamin A supplementation may slow the progression of macular degeneration, enhance healing after laser eye surgery, and reduce the risk of certain cancers. Deficiency of vitamin A, which is rare in the United States, but common in less developed nations, causes night blindness and increased risk of infection. Toxicity with vitamin A, commonly sold as retinyl palmitate and referred to as preformed vitamin A or retinol, can occur at doses only moderately higher than required to prevent deficiency. Toxic effects of vitamin A include bone and liver abnormalities, as well as birth defects of the brain, eyes and head. Beta-carotene, or pro-vitamin A, is generally safer, but poses dangers for certain people at high doses.

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