Mineral Essence

<p>Minerals are essential to life. Dietary mineral supplements are a popular product in the supplement and functional food industries, and can be formulated into a wide range of application. This Buyer&#8217;s Guidebook overviews guidelines for manufacturers purchasing from ingredient suppliers.</p>

By Tyler Griffin

Minerals are essential for life in all organisms. Deficiency in these micronutrients can lead to some of the worst, yet completely preventable ailments. Minerals are popular among supplement and functional food companies because they can be formulated into a wide range of products and offer health benefits to consumers.

Careful formulation is required to create and deliver a worthy product as the tiniest bit too much or too little can produce unexpected results. Balance is required in all areas of formulation from dosage, bioavailability and interaction.

INSIDER's Mineral Buyers Guidebook highlights the primary considerations when purchasing a mineral for supplement and food applications as well as touch base on the subjects of microencapsulation and chelation, which can shift the nature of a mineral supplement.

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