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Insider in the Afternoon

Insider in the Afternoon, Episode 10: NBJ Summit preview

IITA NBJ Summit Preview
With the NBJ Summit taking place next week, July 26 to 29 in sunny Southern California, this episode offers an insider's view on getting the most out of the summit, as well as a sneak peak at the NBJ data and insights attendees will enjoy at the event.

In a decidedly off-the-record, C-level event like the NBJ Summit (info/registration), where neckties are off—though perhaps you will see a courageous community member sporting a randy ascot—we have questions. Like, how important is your golf foursome? Is it too big a risk to bring up skinny-dipping? Should you risk a visit by hotel security even if you don’t drink port at PQAA? We also dig deep on the relative value of shenanigans vs hijinks vs jocularity. Who’s we?

In addition to your host, Co-Factors Todd Runestad, senior editor, and Ola Lessard, from HempFusion and Probulin, we welcome:

  • Grant Ferrier, the NBJ Summit co-founder who uses his lifetime pass strategically
  • Doug Lynch, representing yet another supplements professional who turned to hemp CBD
  • Francine Schoenwetter, a lifelong industry professional who doesn’t dare wear socks in SoCal
  • Claire Morton-Reynolds, the big brain behind all that insightful NBJ data
Episode highlights (in case you want to skip around):
  • 00:45 - 07:34  Opening Co-Factors discussion - How many supplements does Todd take?! Did Ola light fires in the Oregon woods?
  • 07:35 - 13:44 NBJ Summit sneak - Condition Specific Report insights, including immunity, mood and mental health—a COVID trifecta!
  • 13:45 - 31:40 NBJ Summit luminaries roundtable - California vibes, summit memories, folklore and hacks ("unofficial").




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