Not just a buzzword: The keys to making sustainability an actualized business practice - Video

Sustainably sourced ingredients have become fundamental in the supplement segment and offer an important opportunity for brands to meet growing demand for sustainably produced products. This session provides insights on consumers’ expanding values on sustainability, how best to communicate these ideals, and practical ways to implement and measure these efforts.

June 28, 2024

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Making sustainability an actualized business practice - Video

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  • Learn how best to communicate sustainability ideals to consumer.
  • Discover which aspects of sustainability are most important to consumers.  
  • Experts will practical ways for companies to implement and measure sustainability programs. 

Sustainability is a topic that underlies the future of the supply of dietary ingredients for the supplement industry. The issue presents definition challenges: What is meant, exactly, by “sustainability”? But it also encompasses a significant opportunity for companies that get it right, allowing them to grow a more loyal and motivated consumer base, as well as being able to “do well by doing good.”   



0:00:00-0:02:00 – Introduction  

0:02:00-0:48:00 – Panel discussion on what consumers understand about sustainability: Hank Schultz, senior editor, Natural Products Insider; Diane Ray, VP of strategic innovation, NMI Solutions; Shelly Balanko, senior VP, The Hartman Group    

0:48:00-1:24:00 – Preserving our herbal heritage: Ann Armbrecht, Ph.D., Sustainable Herbs Project    

1:24:00-2:09:00 –  Panel discussion on sustainability and the natural channel supply chain: Joe Betz, director emeritus, NIH Office of Dietary Supplements; Thomas Brendler, principal scientist, Traditional Medicinals; Paula Brown, director of applied research, British Columbia Institute of Technology    

2:09:00-2:21:00 – Fungi cultivation vs. wildcrafting: Steven Dentali, scientific advisor, Nammex    

2:21:00-2:53:00 – Dietary metatrends to inform product innovation: Rachel Cheatham, founder, Foodscape Group   

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