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Supply Chain Wizard Launches Suite of Interconnected Digital Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Wizard (SCW)–a leading full-service global consulting firm specializing in serialization and traceability, along with supply chain strategy and operational transformation programs–has launched a new suite of interconnected digital supply chain solutions for companies in the pharma sector.

Press Release

Supply Chain Wizard (SCW) – a leading full-service global consulting firm specializing in serialization and traceability, along with supply chain strategy and operational transformation programs – has launched a new suite of interconnected digital supply chain solutions for companies in the pharma sector. The visibility, collaboration and productivity solutions are suitable for manufacturers, contract manufacturers, contract packagers , third-party logistics providers (3PLs) / Distributors, and pharmacies.

Centered around looming serialization deadlines in the U.S. (2018), Europe (early 2019) and elsewhere, the solutions set was co-designed & co-developed with Pharma industry leaders to optimize operations for growth, service and efficiency. Most of these solutions have been successfully incorporated with early adopter clients around the world.

The portfolio of digital supply chain transformation initiatives amounts to a revolutionary, metrics-driven means of using the vast amounts of data generated by mandated serialization implementation to improve production methods, end-to-end supply chain visibility, resource optimization and other business practices.

Supply Chain Wizard has been at the forefront of efforts to bring life sciences companies from manufacturers to pharmacies comprehensive, beyond-compliance value from track & trace initiatives, guiding its clients not only to more secure and productive supply chains, but also greater ROI on the sizable investment serialization implementation represents.

SCW’s comprehensive digital portfolio has six components revolving around a central track & trace hub. Each of these deploys the company’s 3D approach, which optimizes production and supply chain practices by navigating from Data to Dashboards to Decisions. Mined information is applied toward comprehensive, digestible operational feedback that, in turn, leads to logical adjustments for impactful improvements, delivering the promise of smart manufacturing / Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The result is an “End-to-end Digital Supply Chain” capable of delivering unit level granular visibility and data-driven decision making.

The portfolio’s six solution platforms are:

  • Digital Supply Chain, providing supply chain practitioners and executives with end-to-end visibility of their supply chain systems, products and trading partner network to quickly identify, monitor and respond to critical events and activities using cloud-based collaboration.
  • Digital Factory, combining various data sources from manufacturing to packaging operations that, upon analysis, can reveal correlations between processes and opportunities to improve factory floor operations – such as OEE / Efficiency Management and Scheduling – in groundbreaking ways.
  • Digital Warehouse which, among other benefits, improves organizational visibility of internal assets (forklifts, operators, jobs) within the warehousing space, and encourages cross-functional collaboration between sales and operations in meeting customer demand.
  • Digital Transport, which monitors products in real-time from warehouse departure to customer delivery, providing end-to-end supply chain monitoring while digitizing critical parameters, such as GPS-location, temperature, humidity, shock & tilt.
  • Digital Retail, offering improved employee allocation by associating indoor staff positioning information with the distribution of visiting customer count throughout business hours to optimize staffing levels and schedules.
  • Digital Projects, allowing for easier management and oversight of programs and projects of all sizes and phases (from execution, monitoring and delivery) integrated to products, sites and trading partners across the company.

“Powerful tools lie within each of these platforms,” explains Evren Ozkaya, Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Wizard. “Our advanced, yet user-friendly, solutions utilizing some of the cutting-edge technologies in IoT, machine learning and mathematical optimization enable our customers to collect and record vital data cost-efficiently, gain continual real-time access to it, and make critical business decisions based upon it. Most impressively, the time-to-value is measured in days, instead of months/years as with traditional enterprise software applications.”

About Supply Chain Wizard

Supply Chain Wizard, LLC, is a leading full-service global consulting firm specializing in serialization and traceability, as well as supply chain strategy and operational transformation programs. Dedicated to optimizing operations for growth, service and efficiency, Supply Chain Wizard offers strategic innovations in products and services targeting serialization and supply chain transformation initiatives, along with a team of expert consultants providing comprehensive support toward cost-effective compliance with serialization mandates and post-go-live operational support.

Supply Chain Wizard organizes serialization roundtables, summits and training programs throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the United States, and runs frequent webinars to support clients with their regulatory and compliance challenges. Committed to helping clients maintain significant and sustainable performance improvements, Supply Chain Wizard guides customers to a more secure supply chain via the implementation of high return-on-investment initiatives.

Supply Chain Wizard is headquartered in Princeton, NJ, with additional offices in Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Turkey, and India.  For more information, please visit

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