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Ridgecrest Herbals Receives Patent for Homeopathic Encapsulating MethodRidgecrest Herbals Receives Patent for Homeopathic Encapsulating Method

June 17, 2013

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Ridgecrest Herbals Receives Patent for Homeopathic Encapsulating Method

SALT LAKE CITYRidgecrest Herbals received a new patent for its homeopathic encapsulating method to combine homeopathic and herbal ingredients.

The method allows Ridgecrest to mix homeopathic ingredients with stronger and faster working herbs without reducing the herbs effective strength. Also, the method does not require lactose and sucrose, which are traditionally used to deliver homeopathic ingredients.

When homeopathic ingredients are combined with herbs in capsule form, lactose and sucrose may take up as much as 25 percent of the capsule. This means the portion of the capsule traditionally covered with lactose and sucrose cannot be used for herbs, which can be bulky and need extra space, according to Matt Warnock, president of RidgeCrest Herbals and co-inventor of the method. Warnock also said  lactose and sucrose are not needed in herbal capsules, and they can result in upset stomachs for lactose-intolerant individuals.

Herbs often require a small amount of a flow agent to bind with ingredients and help them flow smoothly into the capsule. Micro-crystalline cellulose is more natural than many other flow agents, and chemically more similar to herbs, which already contain a lot of cellulose. With the new patented method, RidgeCrest applies the homeopathic ingredients to  either  a base of micro-crystalline cellulose, which can then be used as the flow agent, or to the cellulose capsule itself.

Homeopathics are an energy medicine, and even a very small physical dose can deliver the needed energy signature," Warnock said. Our patented method solves both of the homeopathic encapsulation problems with one elegant solution. As a result, we can provide both the homeopathic and the herbal components at maximum potency, resulting in more effective products."

For more information on encapsulation, read the INSIDER feature "The Customizable World of Capsules."

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