DianaPlantSciences Wins NBJ Award

<p>DianaPlantSciences won the Nutrition Business Journal's (NBJ) 2013 award for innovation.</p>

PORTLAND, Ore.DianaPlantSciences won the Nutrition Business Journal's (NBJ) 2013 award for innovation. The company focuses on plant cell culture technology for sustainable production of bioactives. DianaPlantSciences will recieve the award at the annual NBJ Summit, held in Dana Point, CA.

"We're thrilled to be recognized as an NBJ Innovation Award Winner," said Marc Philouze, president of DianaPlantSciences. "This award recognizes the years of investment in developing the technology as well as validates plant cell culture technology's future impact on the industry for producing effective, natural and consistent ingredients."  

DianaPlantSciences debuted its first ingredient, Cocovanol Cocoa Actives, in 2013. The company uses non-genetically modified organism (GMO) methods to select targeted actives naturally in the plant.

"Developing an ingredient through plant cell culture technology is an ideal way for companies to have a unique and proprietary ingredient," Philouze said. "We've made it attractive with our research partnerships so the investment should make sound business sense for most companies."

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