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DianaPlantSciences Forms Advisory Board

Article-DianaPlantSciences Forms Advisory Board

<p>DianaPlantSciences has formed a scientific advisory board to support the advancement of ingredients produced from plant cell culture technology.</p>

PORTLAND, Ore.—DianaPlantSciences has formed a scientific advisory board to support the advancement of ingredients produced from plant cell culture technology. The board will guide research and development efforts and lead study design for scientific substantiation of its novel and sustainable ingredients. Plant cell culture technology is the growth and cultivation of plants, plant tissues, and/or plant cells in a controlled, sustainable environment. DianaPlantSciences developed its first ingredient – Cocovanol Cocoa Actives using plant cell culture technology.

"This board of noted scientists demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards of scientific research and validation for our products," said Marc Philouze, president of DianaPlantSciences. "We now have the potential to maximize plant cell culture technology to produce plant whole-cell active, proprietary ingredients."

Members of the DianaPlantSciences Scientific & Medical Advisory Board will include:

  • Bernie Landes, to serve as chairman of the board.
  • Risa Schulman, Ph.D., president of Tap~Root consulting firm.
  • Okezie I Aruoma, MBA, Ph.D., DSc, professor of pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences and associate dean of academic affairs for the American University of Health Sciences, Signal Hill, California.
  • Raymond Ketchum, Ph.D., vice president of research and development, DianaPlantSciences
  • Marc Philouze, president of DianaPlantSciences

DianaPlantSciences focuses on the development of novel, proprietary ingredients through plant cell culture technology for nutritional applications in supplements, functional foods and personal care. Producing ingredients from plant cell culture technology utilizes non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) methods where the whole plant cell remains intact through the entire process and cells are carefully selected to exhibit the best concentration and distribution of targeted actives naturally inherent to the plant.

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