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‘Supplementing’ healthy lifestyles in an era of mindfulness

‘Supplementing’ healthy lifestyles in an era of mindfulness.jpg
Consumers are turning to supplements because they offer an easy way to engage with health and wellness trends in a highly personalized way. Savvy brands with sourcing narratives and food-grade production can capitalize.

The more targeted the health benefit Americans may seek, or the more likely we want to reverse some negative health condition in our bodies (or prevent a specific health condition), the more consumers turn to supplements.

The world of vitamins, minerals, herbals and specialty supplements (VMHS) is one of the most active product spaces in the world of health and wellness. Because of increasing consumer interest, media attention and product proliferation, the dietary supplement category is ever-changing and complex.

While consumers’ interest in obtaining their nutritional needs from “real foods and beverages” is on the rise, supplements continue to have their place in the world of health and wellness. The idea of food (and supplements) as medicine is now mainstream across all health and wellness segments. More than half (58%) of consumers agree vitamins and nutritional supplements play an important role in health and wellness today.

While mainstream motivations for supplement use remain the same, consumer standards for supplements may be rising.

Supplements offer an easy way to engage with health and wellness trends in a highly personalized way. Brands that offer food-grade production and sourcing narratives, especially plant-based sourcing, will register as high quality.

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