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August 1, 2006

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A cold-setting gum blend from Gum Technology Corporation, Coyote Brand Stabilizer CKX-Fat Replacer, mimics fat and creates a creamy mouthfeel in low- and nonfat products. The gum blend combines cellulose gel, konjac and xanthan, and contains soluble and insoluble fiber.

Visit www.gumtech.com 

A line of plant sterols from ADM, CardioAid, is safe and effective for blocking the absorption of cholesterol. The line contains supplement-grade and foodingredient products, and is GRAS for a wide range of food-product categories.

Visit www.admworld.com 

Vegetarian flavors from Blue Mountain Flavors include fajita, spicy chicken, spicy beef and curry. The 100% natural flavors are oilsoluble, and contain no MSG, autolyzed yeasts, HVP or trans fats.

Visit www.bluemountainflavors.com 

Clam and lobster bases from Custom Culinary are made with authentic clam and lobster flavors, sweet-cream butter, and briny clam or lobster juices. The bases have no MSG and are suitable for a range of seafood specialties.

Visit www.customculinary.com 

Color blend emulsions from D.D. Williamson, ColorMaker, can be readily incorporated into cocoa butter and palm kernel oil. Applications include red white chocolate, green white chocolate and naturally colored sugar.

Visit www.ddwilliamson.com 

Parmesan-cheese flavor concentrate from Eatem Foods contains all organic ingredients and is approved by QAI. The flavor concentrate is suitable for use in pasta sauces, soups and spreads.

Visit www.eatemfoods.com 

Custom blending capabilities from McClancy Seasoning offer manufacturers process control, quality standards and consistency. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Visit www.mcclancy.com 

Natural Cheddar and sour cream seasoning from Gamay is a flavored powder designed for topical application on such snack foods as potato chips, popcorn, pretzels and crackers. The seasoning contains no hydrogenated vegetable oils, MSG or trans fat.

Visit www.gamayflavors.com 

Agglomerated powdered chicken broth from International Dehydrated Foods, Inc. disperses freely in ambient-temperature water. The free-flowing, powdered broth lends the flavor and aroma of cooked chicken, from light to savory to roasted.

Visit www.idf.com 

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) from Stepan Company, Neobee®, offer a readily absorbed, low-calorie fat source for products designed to provide energy and other nutritional benefits.

Visit www.stepan.com 

Shelled flax from Natunola Health, Flax 70, contains 29% omega-3, while the flax meal provides more than 20% omega-3. Free of trans fat and low in saturated fat, shelled flax is more stable than ground flax and can be incorporated into a range of formulations.

Visit www.natunola.com 

A White Paper developed by Sargento, Cheese Sauces 101, details the intricacies of cheese-sauce creation, including the manipulation of emulsifying salts, functional ingredients and processing conditions, such as time, temperature and shear.

Visit www.sargentofoodingredients.com/cheesesauces101   

Activated barley-sprout powder from VDF FutureCeuticals, TransAct, is a water-soluble, aqueous extract rich in cytokinins and other modified plant nucleosides and nucleotides. It is designed for use in beverages, bars and functional foods intended to maintain metabolic health.

Visit www.futureceuticals.com 

Dried fruit from Tree Top, Inc., Fruit Sensations, contains 60% dried Washington State apples infused with 10% fruit juice concentrate, sugar, natural color and flavor. The ready-to-use dried fruit delivers one fruit serving per gram, and function like raisins in food applications.

Call 509/698-1435

Freeze-dried tart-cherry products from Van Drunen Farms are available in powder form, freezedried, diced or sliced for use in snack-mix, bakery, confection and smoothie applications.

Visit www.vandrunenfarms.com 

A natural beta carotene from Wild Flavors, Inc., and Vitatene, Betanat, delivers a stable yellow-orange color. The color comes as a cold-water-dispersible, free-flowing powder, or as an oil-soluble emulsion.

Visit www.wildflavors.com 

Natural Key Lime Type liquid flavor from Flavor Dynamics, Inc. is heat and freeze/thaw stable. It is suited for use in pudding, pies, beverages, baked goods, beverages and more.

Visit www.flavordynamics.com 

Ovenable Japanese-style bread crumbs from Southeastern Mills provide a light, crunchy coating that retains its texture under extended holding conditions.

Call 800/334-4468

Yeast extracts from Savoury Systems International, Inc. can replace salt in soups, sauces, marinades and other applications, reducing sodium by one-third.

Visit www.savourysystems.com 

Pepper sauces from McIlhenny Company come in 11 Tabasco® varieties and can be used to add a note of heat to a sweet bar of chocolate.

Visit www.tabascoingredients.com 

Sensory evaluation from 21st Sensory helps guide manufacturers to a more precise goal and can result in cost savings.

Visit www.21stsensory.com 

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