Institut Rosell Combines Probiotics and Chocolate

July 18, 2005

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Institut Rosell Combines Probiotics and Chocolate

Institut Rosell Combines Probiotics and Chocolate

MONTREALInstitut Rosell( introduced chocolate fortified with microencapsulatedprobiotics. The new product contains Lactobacillusacidophilus Rosell-52 bacteria delivered usingProbiocap, a proprietary microencapsulation technique. According to thecompany, Probiocap allows the live organisms to survive harsh manufacturingprocess conditions and long-term storage.

In a proprietary study, microencapsulated L.acidophillus Rosell-52 incorporated into chocolate hada survival rate of 91 percent. In a second study, 60 percent ofmicroencapsulated probiotics in white chocolate remained viable after 25 days ofstorage at 45 degrees Celsius. Close to 100 percent of the probiotics survivedin white chocolate pralines, following six months of storage at roomtemperature.

Valerie Delahaye-Sarraute, marketing director, said, BeforeProbiocap, probiotics applications in food were very limited due to theirreduced survival rates when submitted to elevated pressure and temperaturesconditions of food processing, exposition to oxygen or due to the longshelf-life of certain food products. Thanks to this protective technology, wecan now broaden the scope for probiotic applications in food areas such aschocolate or nutritional bars, chocolate chips in cereals, but also infant milkpowder etc. It is part of Institut Rosells mission to focus on the latestscientific research applications for the health benefits of people and we arepleased that Probiocap enables us to pursue this objective.

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