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Counterfeit dietary supplements: Reducing your risk and fighting back - webinar

Counterfeit dietary supplements: Reducing your risk and fighting back - webinar
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Counterfeit dietary supplements are unfortunately an all-too-common problem. These are often finished products that look identical to the real thing—down to the near perfect, convincing label! Counterfeit and pirated products accounted for as much as half a trillion U.S. dollars in world trade in 2016 and FDA acknowledges that the sheer magnitude of the potential crime makes prevention difficult—along with the difficulty in tracking down the perpetrators.

This leaves brand owners potentially liable if a buyer is harmed—and reputation is also at stake when it comes to knock-offs. When buyers don’t experience the desired effects of the product they take, it reflects poorly on the brand.

Brands can fight back and activate smart strategies to protect their good name—and consumers. Join CRN and Natural Products Insider for a webinar to get advice on steps companies can take to protect their products from being counterfeited—and how to take action if your brand does get copied.

Learn from legal, trade, e-commerce, and regulatory presenters and hear about industry experiences with knockoffs, counterfeiting and IP infringement.

Participants will gain a better understanding of:

  • How widespread the problem of counterfeiting is and the costs
  • How to monitor the market for counterfeit goods
  • Strategies to limit opportunities for fraud
  • Unique challenges for e-commerce
  • Risks from importation
  • Legal, regulatory, and practical considerations

In addition, participants will gain insights into the likelihood their company’s products will be targeted and what to do if a counterfeit version of their product is discovered in the market. We’ll also discuss potential legislative efforts to help consumers identify unscrupulous vendors and counterfeit goods, and help companies to prosecute criminal counterfeiters and trademark/copyright infringement.

Join us to hear from these experts:

  • Jason Rosenberg, Partner, Alston & Bird
  • Raj Sapru, Chief Operating Officer & Director of Strategy, netrush
  • Michelle Sara King, Intellectual Property Team Lead & Senior International Trade Specialist, Office of Standards and Intellectual Property, Industry & Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration
  • Nicholas Ahrens, Vice President Innovation, Retail Industry Leaders Association
  • Zorita Pop, Senior Legal Council, IP and Digital, Nestle

Moderated by:

  • Jim Griffiths, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Scientific & International Affairs, CRN

$149 for non member, $99 for members

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