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The Power of NaturalThe Power of Natural

September 21, 2011

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The Power of Natural

With more consumers scrutinizing labels as part of their purchase decision-making, natural, clean-label ingredients increasingly get the nod from food manufacturers developing new products or reformulating to improve existing lines. But, with food-protection ingredients, natural options have, until recently, generally remained limitedparticularly when it comes to demonstrating equivalent levels of efficacy with traditional options like potassium sorbate.

However, BioVia YM 10 from Danisco enables both a clean label and proven performance. This new, natural antifungal ingredient was designed to enhance the quality and extend the shelf life of both shelf-stable and refrigerated culinary items like condiments, dips, dressings, sauces, RTE meals and refrigerated side items. Its effective over a broad pH range, but activity is enhanced by acidity. It is easily dispersed in water.

BioVia YM 10a patent-pending blend of cultured dextrose, green-tea extract and mustard essential oilinhibits the growth of mold, but distinguishes itself with its ability to kill spoilage yeasts, which are notoriously difficult to control.

The process of combining antimicrobial components to compound their collective benefit is not always a simple one," says Brett Thompson, global product manager, BioVia. When combined, some antimicrobials may actually impart a negative impact on each othercalled antagonismwhich is unfavorable for obvious reasons." He notes that careful screening and selection yielded the synergistic combination in BioVia, which exhibits dramatically improved performance over what each antimicrobial is capable of on its own.

In one study, samples of a barbecue sauce were inoculated with acid-preservative-resistant yeasts at high levels. The untreated control showed unacceptable yeast outgrowth after only three weeks of storage at ambient temperatures. But the samples treated with BioVia YM 10 showed a three-log reduction of yeast counts with no regrowth seen through more than 11 weeks at ambient storage temperaturesresults on par with those achieved via potassium sorbate.

Generally speaking," says Thompson, using BioVia YM 10 in finished goods at 0.25% to 1.00% will maximize shelf-life gains. In sauces and dressings, for example, a usage rate of 0.50% to 0.80% is enough to offer potent control over common spoilage yeasts and molds."

From a flavor standpoint, BioVia YM 10 can impact some products more significantly than others; foods with a more-robust flavor profile are typically less impacted. Application levels above 0.6% may have some flavor impact in minimally flavored products. However, usage rates as high as 1.0% will have little to no flavor in fat-containing applications, such as ranch dressing. Generally, application rates of 0.7% or less are acceptable for the majority of applications.

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