Non-GMO Isolates Expand Soy Options

December 5, 2005

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Non-GMO Isolates Expand Soy Options

The once-lowly soybean is today highly regarded for its nutritional and health benefits. As the market increases for soy-containing foods and beverages, so does the need for functional ingredients. Solbar Industries L. recently expanded product design options with its Solpro 900 line of non-GMO soy protein isolates.

Soy proteins are a good source of essential amino acids, cholesterol-free and low in fat. The amino acids are important for body growth and maintenance, plus the proteins might contribute to improved athletic performance and physical strength, and reduce fatigue after exercise. Studies indicate that soy proteins can help treat conditions like lactose intolerance, diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease. FDA allows a health claim on food labels that links soy protein consumption to a reduced risk of coronary heart disease, as long as the food supplies at least 6.25 grams soy protein per serving.

“To help food designers meet consumers’ wide-ranging demands for soy-containing products, we are expanding our selection of natural soy ingredients,” says Gary Brenner, vice president, marketing and sales. “Our latest addition, Solpro soy protein isolates, complements our other products that include functional soy protein concentrates, isoflavones and Bontex steam-textured soy proteins.” The freeflowing isolate powders contain a minimum 90% protein and are made from non-GMO certified IP soybeans.

Soy protein isolates provide numerous functional benefits. Effective emulsifiers, the proteins are able to bind water and fat, forming a stable matrix that withstands stressful cooking and storage conditions. Textural properties include added viscosity in products like soup and gravy, and cohesion and elasticity in simulated meats. Highly soluble and bland-tasting, soy isolates enable the inclusion of a wide range of protein levels, without adversely affecting product flavor.

Applications for the Solpro 900 line include meat and poultry items, vegetarian products, and nutritional foods and beverages. In formed meat and poultry, Solpro 910’s strong water-binding capacity improves juiciness and reduces weight loss during cooking. For meat injections, Solpro 930 is recommended for its low viscosity. Vegetarian products benefit from Solpro 950, which provides texture and added nutrition without affecting the natural aromas and flavors of other formulation ingredients. “We are designing Solpro 940 to help processors turn a regular beverage into a healthy, protein-rich and flavorful drink,” adds Brenner. “The isolate is highly soluble, which allows significant levels of protein to be incorporated into beverages. And its bland taste blends easily with favorite flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.”

With headquarters and manufacturing in Israel, Solbar has a U.S. sales force primarily in Chicago and distributors across the country.

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