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20 Food Trends, Events in 201020 Food Trends, Events in 2010

January 5, 2011

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20 Food Trends, Events in 2010

NEW YORKFrom eco-conscious food trucks to a new-format Italian megastore to celebrity chefs fighting obesity, 2010 brought plenty of news and innovation on the food front, according to the editors of foodspring.com picked 20 of the most influential food trend and events of 2010.

The following are 20 of the most influential food trends, events and news stories of the year identified by the editors:

A-List Chefs Give BackA growing number of celebrity chefs used their fame as an opportunity to promote good food. The most visible effort was from British celeb chef Jamie Oliver, who has made serious waves stateside with Food Revolution, as he aims to fix Americas obesity epidemic, one school at a time.

The Hyperlocal Movement BeginsFarmers market certification is helping to reinforce the rules and ensure every item made available at these venues is honest and truly local, but some more discerning foodies are cutting out the other middleman to grow their own garden. Where better to grow than right at the site of the market or restaurant where the food is bought and consumed?

The Food Truck Revolution GrowsQuestionable hot dogs and kebabs of yore have gotten an upgrade and some serious competition. Food trucks, with their long lines and fanatic followers, are opening at a quickening pace in U.S. cities large and small.

Pistachios Sell With A ScandalSince launching its 15-second TV spots that feature such D-list celebrities as Levi Johnston and former Miss South Carolina Teen USA Lauren Caitlin Upton, sales of Wonderful Pistachios have increased by a record-breaking 233 percent. The companys Get Crackin" campaign has become a viraland mainstreamsensation, and with a fully integrated website and social media presence.

Fried Beer Debuts at Texas State FairFried beer presented the challenge to inventor Mark Zable of maintaining the alcohol content of the creations defining ingredient. He filled a ravioli-size pocket of salty dough with Guinness and dropped it in oil at 375 degrees F for 20 secondsa short enough time to remain alcoholic and require enforcement of the drinking age restriction.

Solar-Powered, Eco-Conscious NYC Food VendorsGustOrganics, an eco-conscious organic restaurant, is revolutionizing the humble food cart. Naming the project Organic Carts NYC, the business has teamed up with hot dog cart owner Alejandro Rad to convert his stand into an all-organic vendor. Serving up tasty options such as hummus and chips and beef, chicken and vegetable wraps, the cart skips bottle service, offering only super purified NYC water" in bio-compostable cups. Top it off with a solar panel to power the refrigerator, and this stand is a veritable nod toward a greener city.

Sea Buckthorn: The Next Superfruit EmergesDubbed the Holy Fruit of the Himalayas, sea buckthorn is shaping up to be the next big superfruit. It packs a nutritious punch in the form of vitamins A, E and Cits vitamin C content is 15 times greater than that of an orangeand it possesses the highest antioxidant level of all known fruits.

Oldways Founder K. Dun Gifford PassesThe flourishing food movement mourned a great loss with the May death of K. Dun Gifford, founder of Oldways, a nonprofit focused on healthy food advocacy and policy.

Butchers Make a ComebackOld-fashioned butcher shops are popping up everywhere, with products high in quality and merchants vast in know-how.

The New Cupcake? Macarons EmergeMacaron shops have been popping up in major cities, including Chicago, which saw an influx of the cookie in both bakeries and restaurants this year. Even the likes of Whole Foods and Starbucks are hopping on the bandwagon, with the latter offering prepackaged versions.

The iPad Innovates Menus and Wine ListsiPad has made its mark on the future of foodservice. The restaurant Mundo Global Tapas in Sydney was first to debut iPads and a corresponding application to replace its menuand offer an impressively exhaustive glimpse at its potential. iPads first U.S. restaurant appearance goes to South Gate in New York, whose SmartCellar app presents its vast wine selection by region, varietals, price and other search options to find the perfect palate cleanser.

Food Merges With FashionLady Gagas carnivorous attire at the MTV Video Music Awards in June inadvertently channeled a rising food wave in the fashion world. While the pop singers protein-packed gown has yet to be repeated, food is increasingly finding a place in the infamously gaunt world of fashion.

Calorie Listings Become MandatoryTucked into the sweeping health care law that passed in 2010, the new FDA rule requires that food establishments with 20 or more locations must prominently display the calorie count of every standard menu item.

New Book Traces Families Through TraditionsJane Ziegelman tells the story of five real immigrant families through their food customs in 97 Orchard Street: An Edible History. Taking place between 1863 and 1935 at the modern-day site of New York Citys Lower East Side Tenement Museum, the book follows the families struggles to assimilate to life in the New World while holding on to cultural traditions through the recipes and culinary concepts of their home countries.

Bustaraunts LaunchWhile food trucks boast mobility, brick-and-mortar restaurants are undaunted by fluxes in weather conditions. Bustaurants have the best of both worlds: hollowed-out buses can handle a kitchen, staff and some dine-in seating, so potential customers wont be scared off by rain or tired legs.

Programs Tackle Food DesertsFood deserts are a palpable obstacle for many on the path to healthier, affordable meals, so a few innovative programs have enacted creative ways to bring a wide selection of grocery goods to otherwise lacking neighborhoods.

Taste No. 5: Umami Paste Reaches the MarketLondon-based restaurateur Laura Santtini developed the paste, which contains tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, Porcini mushrooms, salted anchovies, black olives and balsamic vinegar, all of which purportedly embody umami inherently.

Eataly OpensAugust brought the long-anticipated opening of Eataly, a sprawling 50,000-square-foot Italian food emporium in Manhattans Flat Iron neighborhood. In addition to a vast array of imported Italian-brand groceries, the space features several restaurants, including Italian steakhouse Manzo, a Neapolitan pizzeria, a rooftop beer garden, and a cooking school.

A Revolutionary Technique Flavors CoffeeInbru Coffee Flavors allow you to flavor coffee before it is brewed: one tiny scoop added to coffee grounds results in a subtle, natural richness to your favorite roast.

Cannabis Cookbook Preps for PublicationWith the legalization of medical marijuana in 17 states comes the High Times Cannabis cookbook that will offer recipes that go beyond the tried-and-true brownie, and techniques for how to incorporate marijuana for the best results.

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