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Wellness values and multiple benefits are key to success in the sports nutrition category

Wellness values and multiple benefits are key to success in the sports nutrition category.jpg
The opportunity is there when it comes to innovation and customized marketing aimed at savvy sports nutrition consumers. Brands should consider how to combine wellness product values with naturally functional ingredients to capitalize on modern trends.

The needs and wants of athletes have evolved rapidly over the past decade. Next-generation athletes and wellness consumers share similar values when it comes to purchasing decisions. In fact, trends in the sports nutrition category often set the pace because sports-minded consumers are early adopters for wellness brands. At the same time, there are paradoxes that create opportunities for innovation and customized marketing messages for the sports nutrition category.

Sports nutrition wellness trends

Eating fresh, whole foods has been a trend for the past several years and is now becoming more prominent within the sports nutrition community. Most athletes and active consumers prefer whole foods over supplements. The interest in clean label products does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon—particularly among athletes and active consumers.

There are paradoxes across the sports nutrition and wellness segments as well. For example, for many consumers, particularly Millennials, carbohydrates are not seen as helpful in reaching dietary goals. Consumers have become more skeptical about the role of carbohydrates in their diets as the keto trend has grown, and recovery is a fast-growing trend in the sports nutrition category this year.

Natural ingredients

There are several natural ingredients trending in the recovery category. Sour cherry and pomegranate products are flooding the market. A few studies on cranberry and black currant juice show promise in the sports performance market as the next superfoods high in antioxidants.

Sleep and recovery

Sleep is very important for athletes training at a high intensity. CBD oil and melatonin are popular sleep aids that have shown to be effective at providing relaxation and better sleep.

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