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Trending Bioactives in Sports Performance

<p>These bioactives may be trending, but what do the studies show? Anthony Almada analyzes recent research.</p>

Bigger stronger faster. Leaner farther higher. A number of years ago, I was asked, “What do you suggest I look for when I’m readying to buy a sports nutrition product?” I offered, “If the product or ingredient lacks proof—human studies conducted by expert, independent researchers and, ideally, published in a peer-reviewed journal—showing that it does at least one or more of the following, 1) increases muscle mass, 2) increases performance—objectively measured, and/or 3) decreases fat mass, hold your money and run the other way. If one or more are present, you are making an informed, smart buying decision.”

“Performance,” as I define and use it, relates to one’s ability to begin and complete a certain bout(s) of exercise, a round of competition or a certain training regimen. A product designed or intended to enhance performance would be expected to measurably (not subjectively) increase performance relative to a placebo (that is sensory matched, i.e., taste, color, aroma, mouthfeel) or, even better, a current or market standard in a head to head study.

To read more from Almada on performance bioactives, download INSIDER’s Digital Issue “Peak Performance.” Also, learn more about one of sports performance’s most prized ingredients, protein, from Frost & Sullivan’s Chris Shanahan, who will discuss trends in the protein ingredients market on Wednesday, April 8, at Ingredient Marketplace.

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