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SupplySide Stories Episode 28: Sustainability commitments – TSI Group Bio-Active Ingredients leads the way – video

Video-SupplySide Stories Episode 28: Sustainability commitments – TSI Group Bio-Active Ingredients leads the way – video

When it comes to driving innovation in active lifestyle nutrition, TSI Group Bio-Active Ingredients leads the way with experience and sustainability.

A leader in the dietary supplement supply chain, TSI Group has been at the forefront for over 25 years as an ingredient and solution supplier. Sustainable practices are part of the company's DNA, bringing trusted, science-backed, beneficial ingredients to the North American market to serve the values and needs of today's consumers.  For TSI Group, supporting lifelong well-being goes hand in hand with sustaible sourcing practices. 

We spoke with Pete Mazzilli and Matt Gowen, both with the Bio-Active Ingredients division of TSI Group, about what it means for you, the brand holder, to partner with a supplier that meets your customers values, knows the Active Lifestyle customer through and through, and has the technical expertise to support cutting-edge innovation.  

Tune in and enjoy the conversation.

About our speakers:

Pete Mazzilli 117x132.jpg

Pete Mazzilli, Director of Marketing and Business Development, TSI Group

Pete brings more than 20 years of experience in the food and dietary supplement industry in sales, sales management, marketing and business development.

Matt Gowen 117x132.jpg

Matt Gowen, Sales & Marketing Manager, Australia and New Zealand, TSI Group

Matt brings over 16 years of experience in sales, marketing and sales management in raw materials and ingredients across the Aust and New Zealand region for TSI Group.

"Through our experience, we have a deep understanding of industry and the ways it's moving and progressing. We work to understand our customers' pain points, problems and needs...We build a strong partnership with our customers." – Matt Gowen, TSI Group, Bio-Active Ingredients

To connect and learn more Bio-Active Ingredients please visit TSI Group's company page on SupplySide Network 365.


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