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Studies Show Creatine May Be Effective for Older Men, Muscle Rehabilitation


Studies Show Creatine May Be Effective for Older Men, Muscle Rehabilitation

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan--Researchers from various parts of the world reported that creatine supplementation may increase lean tissue mass in men with a mean age of 70 and speed up recovery in those suffering from muscle atrophy. In the December 2001 Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (33,12: 2111-7, 2001) (, researchers at the University of Saskatchewan gave 30 men in a randomized, double blind study .3 g/d of creatine for every 1 kg of body weight. Both groups resistance trained three times per week for 12 weeks, going through three sets of 10 repetitions for 12 different exercises, including leg and bench presses. The creatine group had significantly higher scores after researchers measured average power, lean tissue mass and fat mass. In addition, the study's authors found that supplementation improved leg strength and endurance.

In the October 2001 issue of The Journal of Physiology (536,2: 625-33, 2001) (, researchers reported that oral creatine taken during leg immobilization and rehabilitation may reverse atrophy faster when compared to placebo. In a double blind trial using 22 healthy volunteers, a cast was used to immobilize each subject's right leg for two weeks. Half of the subjects received creatine (gradually decreasing from 20 g/d to 5 g/d) and the other half took a placebo. Lack of movement decreased the cross-sectional area of the quadriceps in both groups, and after three sessions per week for 10 weeks of knee-extension exercises, the creatine group experienced more of an increase in the cross-sectional area of their quadriceps and a quicker return to maximum knee extension power than the placebo group.

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