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Nutrition 21's Nitric Oxide-Boosting Nitrosigine® Pumps Up EVERTRAIN PRE

Nutrition 21, LLC has announced its Nitrosigine® is now featured in EVERTRAIN PRE, a recently launched pre-workout supplement.

Press Release

Nutrition 21, LLC (“Nutrition 21”), has announced that its clinically substantiated ingredient, Nitrosigine®, is now featured in EVERTRAIN PRE, a recently launched pre-workout supplement designed to provide athletes with sustained energy, superior focus and increased endurance.

A uniquely versatile ingredient, Nitrosigine delivers clinically substantiated results. Its patented complex of bonded arginine silicate stabilized with inositol is scientifically engineered to significantly boost nitric oxide levels, a key factor in increasing blood flow to working muscles.^  Nitrosigine is stimulant-free, starts to increase energy levels after a single dose, and continues to show significant increases in energy over time, making it a great addition to pre-workout supplements.

Nitrosigine’s clinical evidence supports increased, long-lasting bioavailability and enhanced performance, giving sports nutrition products a competitive edge. “Consumers should look for EVERTRAIN PRE, as well as the Nitrosigine logo on sports nutrition products to get more out of their workouts,” said Nutrition 21 Vice President of Sales Jim Kahn.

“When it comes to our customer’s health and fitness, we refuse to allow quality to be an empty claim,” says Dustin DePanicis, Co-Founder and Doctor of Pharmacy at EVERTRAIN. “We take great pride in creating high quality products that are both safe and effective, and EVERTRAIN PRE’s comprehensive formula is a perfect example of that. It uses the high quality, clinically reviewed ingredient Nitrosigine® to optimize training sessions for increased muscle volume and mental acuity.”

Consumer benefits shown to be directly linked to Nitrosigine supplementation include:

  • Boosts key factors for increasing blood flow^
  • Significantly improves mental acuity and processing speed by 33% within 15 minutes
  • Increases muscle volume^
  • Reduces muscle damage from exercise
  • Increases energy quickly and safely
  • Provides a safe, bioavailable source of arginine and silicon
  • Significantly increases silicon levels for up to 1.5 hours
  • Significantly enhances blood arginine levels for up to 6 hours^

^Results compared to baseline

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