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Magnesium-Creatine Chelate Impacts PerformanceNutrition


Magnesium-Creatine Chelate Impacts Performance Nutrition

BELLINGHAM, Wash.--L.R. Brilla, Ph.D., FACSM, FACN, and K.M. Knutzen, Ph.D., FACSM, of Western Washington University, have presented several findings from their study of magnesium-creatine chelate (as Creatine MagnaPower, manufactured by Albion Advanced Nutrition,, Clearfield, Utah) in regard to performance nutrition. Brilla and Knutzen presented various aspects of their research at Experimental Biology 2002 and a meeting of the American Physiological Society April 20 to 24. Currently, papers on this research are under consideration with several peer-reviewed journals.

Brilla and Knutzen compared the anaerobic effects of magnesium-creatine chelate, creatine monohydrate plus magnesium oxide, and placebo in 35 active subjects. According to the researchers, magnesium-creatine chelate supplementation had the greatest impact on early sets of maximal effort isokinetic knee extensions, and it may ameliorate negative changes in power in five consecutive sets of 30 repetitions. The subjects taking the chelate also demonstrated an increase in peak power and a prolonged anaerobic threshold in exercise. Brilla and Knutzen noted that magnesium-creatine chelate is more bioavailable than creatine monohydrate plus magnesium oxide.

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