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How the shift from ‘sports’ to ‘active’ nutrition has expanded market opportunities

How the shift from ‘sports’ to ‘active’ nutrition has expanded market opportunities.jpg
Consumers’ new awareness regarding overall health and wellness has meant increases in both healthy eating and exercise, but also outstanding growth in the diversity of products.

The rise of consumer awareness regarding overall health and wellness has led to an increase in both healthy eating and exercise. Due to this awareness, the sports nutrition market has evolved significantly in the past few years, leading to outstanding growth in the diversity of products as well as the demographics purchasing them. Sports nutrition, a category once geared toward weightlifters and professional athletes, has now expanded to everyday consumers seeking a more active lifestyle. This shift from “sports nutrition” to “active nutrition” is expanding products beyond muscle building and performance enhancement.

Plant-based protein influence on sports nutrition and active nutrition products

Muscle building and performance enhancement products are being influenced by mainstream movement toward plant-based diets. Powdered drink mixes of whey protein are still one of the most popular sports products. However, an increasing number of brands are adding or switching to plant-based proteins in order to meet the demand of a growing group known as “flexitarians,” individuals who limit their consumption of animal-based products.

Trends beyond muscle building and performance

Beyond muscle building and performance enhancement, complementary categories that have a role in and out of exercise, such as energy and mental focus, are also gaining traction. Within these categories, one can see the impact of mainstream trends, most significantly, clean label. The category of energy is being especially impacted by clean label.

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Rikka Cornelia is the product manager for BI Nutraceuticals, acquired by Martin Bauer Group. Rikka has a bachelor’s in economics from the University of California, Irvine. She has been with BI for nine years as an integral component of the marketing team, assisting with setting the product vision and strategy for BI’s portfolio of more than 200 botanical ingredients.

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