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Hidden potential in testosterone-boosting ingredients

Botanical and specialty supplement ingredients have shown promise for boosting testosterone levels, but the research is limited on hormone and muscle benefits.

Testosterone has been an increasingly popular topic of interest for enhancing body composition, and physical and sexual performance. And testosterone naturally decreases with age, so it is no wonder that many people, especially men, seek testosterone boosters.

As people attempt to correct lifestyle changes, they often look to resistance training and nutritional interventions to aid in promoting their natural testosterone levels. While some contradiction exists in the research about both of these methods, nutritional intervention may have potential in aiding individuals in their relentless quest.

Four key ingredients have gained popularity as nutritional testosterone boosters, Tribulus terrestris, tongkat Ali, D-aspartic acid and ashwagandha.

While some of these ingredients show promise in boosting testosterone concentrations, they are not for everyone. A common characteristic of numerous studies is that successes were found in individuals who were hypogonadal or on the lower end of the testosterone scale.

To read this article in its entirety, check out the January 2020 digital magazine, Muscle quest: Developing products to promote lean mass.


Vince Kreipke received his doctorate in exercise physiology with a focus in sports nutrition in 2016. During this time, he worked to determine the efficacy of many ingredients with a potential to benefit exercise performance and subsequent outcomes. Currently, Kreipke holds the position of scientific advisor at Onnit Labs Inc.  where he continues his research into optimal human health and performance.

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