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HBC to Launch Protein Supplement in US at SupplySide

Article-HBC to Launch Protein Supplement in US at SupplySide

<p>Norwegian Biomarine company Hofseth Biocare (HBC) will launch its Salmon Protein Hydrolysate tablets in the United States at SupplySide West.</p>

OLSO, Norway—Norwegian Biomarine company Hofseth Biocare (HBC) will launch its salmon protein hydrolysate tablets in the United States at SupplySide West.  

The product, BioProgo, is a protein tablet made from the remaining half of the salmon that is normally discarded after filleting. HBC uses a patented enzymatic process to free a water-soluble protein hydolysate fraction that is incomparable in specification, taste and bio-efficacy to other products. BioProgo is a standardized and analyzed protein hydrolysate tablet; specifications include peptide molecular weight size and distribution, amino acid profile, organoleptic profile and the lowest measured LOD for contaminants such as heavy metals, dioxins and pesticides. In addition, it achieved generally regarded as safe (GRAS) status in the United States at high daily incorporation levels for supplements and foods.

BioProgo has also been studied for its biological properties. A self-published study, in collaboration with Laval University Canada, has shown BioProgo is the fastest absorbed protein product when compared to the extensively hydrolysed and bitter-tasting WPH. This makes BioProgo particularly useful as a supplement in sports nutrition for improved muscle recovery and rejuvenation pre- and post-exercise. The component salmon protein hydrolysate in BioProgo's tablets is also water-soluble, making it further useful for incorporation into beverages and ready-to drink formulations, significantly increasing their nutritional value.

HBC’s collaborative early human clinical study, Progo I, carried out after extensive animal model verifications, has shown that BioProgo has an ability to increase hemoglobin in situational anemic humans, which leads to increased energy and respiration. It is developing new applications in medical and infant foods, as well as in geriatric nutrition, to further leverage this clinical response.  

Like other fish protein hydrolysates, BioProgo can also help increase metabolism and manage weight. HBC has initiated a second human clinical study, Progo II, to measure BMI reduction, fat loss and elevated metabolism serum markers in mildly obese subjects.

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