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Glanbia Debuts Whey Flavor Innovation

Glanbia Debuts Whey Flavor Innovation
<p>In addition to better flavor control, this new technology promises more protein and reduced carbs.</p>

Whey protein products often have odd flavor notes. Protein should be relatively flavor-neutral, but processing and storage can contribute to off-flavors. In the end, whey can have grassy, cheesy, bitter, cardboard or other less desirable hints. 

Whey ingredient supplier Glania Nutritionals took EasyFlav™ flavor technology known for neutralizing vegetable proteins and adapted it to whey protein systems. This technology replaces the traditional carbohydrates core with added protein and stable flavor, which results in a clean label whey protein product with increased protein and as much as 30 percent less carbohydrate content.

“The new EasyFlav™ Whey flavor technology is an exciting development for food manufacturers looking to include high levels of whey protein alongside a consistent, appealing flavor," said Grace Cahalane, director of R&D, Glanbia Nutritionals. “Every protein varies in flavor, so we have created EasyFlav™ Whey to tailor flavor systems to whey proteins and ensure complementary flavor profiles."

Glanbia’s goal was to enable formulators to add higher amounts of protein without sacrificing flavor. Further, the customizable technology is designed to eliminate the need for separate protein and flavor solutions, thereby saving time.

“By combining Glanbia Nutritionals’ long heritage in dairy and molecular understanding of proteins with our flavor expertise, we are uniquely positioned to address key challenges in protein innovation," Cahalane added. “Plus, because Glanbia Nutritionals has full supply chain control, customers can be sure that the combination of our protein and flavor source will deliver a consistently flavored, delicious tasting, nutritious protein."

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