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Energy Product Marketing for Active Consumers

sports energy
<p>Energy product manufacturers are working to reach active consumers with tailored formulas that focus on transparency, safety, authenticity and sourcing of raw materials.</p>

The booming sports nutrition market continues to attract mainstream consumers who want to increase energy and improve mental and physical performance to help drive active lifestyles.

Supplement and beverage manufacturers are working to reach fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors and active consumers, along with more traditional athletes, with tailored energy formulas that meet the exacting needs of each segment.

At the same time, brand transparency is at the forefront as concerns about the safety, authenticity and sourcing of raw materials have increasingly been raised by the media and regulatory bodies.

Energy products, in particular, have come under scrutiny. On the heels of negative press about questionable, unsafe ingredients in energy supplements, as well as lawsuits regarding energy drinks and shots, many consumers are looking for safer, more natural energy alternatives.

Consumers in all segments have access to a wealth of information, and continue to grow savvier. This, along with the influence of negative media and industry concerns about quality, is driving demand for specific evidence and scientific backing.

Trends in health and wellness are driving innovation with energy formulas that tout supportive nutritional profiles as well as unique delivery forms. Many consumers are looking for convenient and on-the-go options for energy supplementation. Additionally, a large part of the population is either incapable of or resistant to swallowing pills.

Many consumers want natural energy boosters as opposed to chemical or artificial stimulants. Supplement and beverage manufacturers are opting to remove artificial ingredients, and incorporate natural alternatives. Check out the INSIDER Digital Magazine, “Sports Nutrition: Performance and Energy," to learn more of the areas of focus for product success, including:

•             Providing solid research and easy-to-swallow science

•             Emphasizing convenience and alternative delivery forms

•             Ensuring the safety and efficacy of specific ingredients

•             Providing clear messages and clean labels


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